DMX Cables

110ohm Data Cable
DMX cables are specially designed to carry DMX512 protocol digital data signals, used for digital lighting controllers, consoles, dimmers, lasers and fog machines. Made from 110ohm rated twisted pair OFC copper conductors with dual foil + braided copper shield. DMX equipment can have either 3pin or 5pin XLR plugs, and can usually be compatible with one another using a 3pin to 5pin DMX cable.

Dual Foil + Braided Shield
As well as having braided copper shielding, Swamp DMX cables have an extra casing of aluminum foil for maximum RFI and EMI rejection. Reducing interference caused by nearby power cables. This is essential for DMX cables as digital signals are especially susceptible to interference, creating unwanted spikes and false information sends.

DMX Terminator
Nothing to do with Arnold Swartzenager, DMX terminators are small XLR connectors that are designed be plugged into the output or thru connector on the last DMX light or device in your "DMX universe". Without a terminator, a "shadow" signal will bounce back back along the line causing interference. A DMX terminator features a 120& resistor across pin 2 and 3 of the XLR connector.