Guitar Strings

Buy all types of strings at SWAMP, including for electric guitar, bass guitar and all types of acoustic guitars. Shop with the top brands such as Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Alice and Elixir, and get fast, free delivery with prices that beat any retail music store.

Latest Guitar String News:

For all the Slinky fans out there, note the latest models to join the range - Ultra and Burly Slinkys!

Ernie Ball's market research found the most popular hybrid string gauges that professional players are using - then Ernie Ball made sets to suit.

The Burly Slinky set is ideal for players who prefer a heavier set of strings for thicker sounding chords, beefier low end but also require a little more tension when playing solos. The Ultra Slinky combines the popular Regular Slinky and Power Slinky strings into one set featuring the lighter play-ability of the Regular Slinkys with the heavier low-end tone of the Power Slinky set. This combination is perfect for lead players who love to bend without losing fullness or tension for rhythm and chords.