Alice AM04 Mandolin Strings - 8 String Set - 10-34

Alice AM04 Mandolin Strings - 8 String Set - 10-34
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One set of Alice AM04 "Loop End" Mandolin Strings, .010/.0

One set of Alice AM04 "Loop End" Mandolin Strings, .010/.034

Alice strings are made exclusively from material imported from the USA, Germany, France and Japan. Using advanced manufacturing technologies, Alice strings are renowned for precise pronunciation, sweet timbre and good durability, all at a low price. With these advantages, Alice guitar strings are the preferred choice of many musicians.

Suitable only for mandolins.

String Lengths:

1st to 4th (E, A) strings - 750mm
5th to 8th (D, G) strings - 780mm

String gauges in inches.

  • E. 1st - .010"
  • E. 2nd - .010"
  • A. 3rd - .014"
  • A. 4th - .014"
  • D. 5th - .024"
  • D. 6th - .024"
  • G. 7th - .034"
  • G. 8th - .034"

By: on 11 April 2014
Hey there, I only bought these strings because they were very cheap and I wanted to try out some light gauge tension on my old Gibson mandolin. I then intended to take them off and replace them with more expensive known brand strings. But the Alice strings are easy to play and really make the old Gibson sound good and twangy, so I'm going to leave them on.

By: on 6 May 2013
I didn't know what to expect with such a well priced set of strings, being copper wound rather than bronze or phosphorous. It did make the strings a little less bright, which wasn't such a bad thing. Mandolins can sometimes be quite sharp and harsh sounding and I liked the more darker tone of these strings.

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