Speaker Cables

Speaker cables are used to connect a power amplifier to a passive speaker or speaker cabinet. Applications include home theater entertainment, pro audio systems and pubs and clubs. In the pro audio scence the most common type connector found on speaker cable is the industry standard Speakon connector  The Speakon connector, developed by Neutrik, is found on all modern pro audio power amps and passive speakers.

Speaker Connectors
Our pro audio speaker cable range includes the standard Speakon to Speakon, as well as dual 1/4" (6.35mm / 6.5mm), and single 1/4" to Speakon connector configurations. For older amps and speakers dual banana plugs, bare wires and XLR connectors were common. To suit the older gear we offer a range of short patch cables that will connect to a standard Speakon or 1/4" speaker cables, and yield the correct banana or XLR plug.

What Gauge? 2.5mm2 (13AWG) or 1.5mm2 (15AWG)?
When considering the gauge of wire (thickness) to use, the amount of power outputted by the power amplifier in relation to the length of the speaker cable is what you need to look at. For a system running ~600W over 15m length of speaker cable, a thicker 13AWG  (2.5mm2) gauge wire is appropriate to eliminate any potential power loss from the amp.

What is 4-core? Do I need it?
4-core speaker cable consists of 4 conductors, instead of the 2 conductors found in standard speaker cable. Basically, 2 conductors are needed to carry 1 signal. Having 4 conductors, allows the cable to carry 2 signals. 4-core connections are often reserved for high end PA equipment with bi-amping functionality.