Camera Audio Adapters

Filming on location presents many challenges, not only for capturing visual content, but also audio content. Camera operators are often required to capture audio from multiple sources, such as external microphones, feeds from audio technicians, instruments, and even smart devices. Further to this, some applications require special purpose microphones that need a power supply called phantom power. For this reason, SWAMP offers a number of Camera Audio Adapter solutions from Saramonic. 

Camera Audio Adapters are essentially analog mixer/interfaces especially designed for camera work. They take a multitude of inputs such as XLR from microphones, 6.35mm from instruments and 3.5mm from smart devices, and mix them down to a 3.5mm output for interfacing with a video camera's audio input. Selected models can also supply phantom power. To increase convenience and flexibility, they also incorporate standard 1/4" thread for mounting on tripods or cameras themselves.