Microphone Cables

Microphone cables are most commonly used to connect a microphone to a mixing desk. Line Level signals can also transferred using Swamp microphone cables with both balanced and mono wiring and XLR and TRS options to suit most needs.

Pro-Line Series
Swamp's pro-line microphone cable series feature thick conductors, a 'braided' ground shield and premium Neutrik AG connectors. The braided shield provides optimal rejection from RFI and EMI interference but somewhat limits flexibility in the cable. Ideal for studio and broadcast applications.

Stage - Swamp Series
Stage and Swamp series cables feature spiral wrapped shields and a tough outer jacket, offering flexibility and durability under heavy use. Suitable for live stage performance and general audio device connections in the studio or in the field.

Balanced Microphone Cables
Our XLR male to XLR female cables are all balanced, offering common mode rejection of unwanted noise picked up along the cable. Most microphones output a balanced signal and many audio devices feature balanced inputs. All XLR to TRS mic cables are also balanced and suitable for line level signals.