Keyboard Stands

Finding the right keyboard stand for your stage piano, synthesizer or keyboard / controller is vital for that perfect performance. At SWAMP we have a number of solutions that are excellent in supporting your equipment whilst helping you maintain the correct posture for the best performance. Check out our premium SWAMP range of stands, from a sturdy single brace stand, double braced, our dual tier stand, or the premium version. We even have an electric digital keyboard stand to adjust the height easily. We also have a range of the excellent On-Stage keyboard stands to suit your needs. 

Who wants to carry a table or desk or couple of stools around with them to gigs? Not you! You want something that is sturdy, strong, lightweight and compact-able that you can trust to uphold your valuable keyboard. Something that will slot in the back of your car and is easily transportable. You want a keyboard stand.

Dual Tier Stand
Being the multi-tasking, ambi-dextrous, dual-keyboard playing music genius that you are, you probably need a stand that will hold both your electronic synth, and your classic keyboard. You need a dual tier stand. Get those growling or floating tones out of one hand, all the while riffing it up with your second hand. Your mates will be impressed and plus it looks really cool!