Banjo Strings

As with guitar, choosing the right set of strings for your banjo can seem a complex task, but it doesn't have to be! The most common string thicknesses, or gauges, are light, medium-light medium, and heavy. In terms of actual measurements, these words correlate to 9's,10's, 11's, and 12's, named after the diameter of the thinnest string in the set in inches i.e 9 gauge has a high string of 0.009". Most sets can also be used for smaller tenor banjos and also 4 string banjos, by just removing the second high or drown string from the pack. Consider heavier gauge strings for plectrum banjos. 

The most common tuning for Banjo is open G, or G D G B D. Tone and feel can also be affected by different materials used in the manufacturing process. Nickel-plated steel has a bright tone and smooth feel, phosphor bronze is warmer and is wound on the 4th string, stainless steel has a balanced tone and resists corrosion, and finally, coated strings have a polymer coating to increase string life. The tone and feel of coated strings varies considerably depending on the manufacturer, it's best to try many! Whether you like Folk, Bluegrass, Blues or Country, or get finicky about your alloys and feel, you can get the best out of your strings, and banjo, if you take the time.