Keyboard Cases

Keyboard cases are a must have for any working musician keyboardist. They are essential for protecting your valuable investment from all knocks and bumps that come with getting your keyboard from A to B. 

Keyboard Soft Cases
Soft cases are lightweight and have adjustable handles makes it easy to carry and features a double layer of soft foam padding covers the entire inside of the bag. This provides adequate everyday protection for good quality keyboards and is a great option over a hard keyboard case when lots of walking needs to be done. They also include a pocket on the front of the case, which is great for carrying around your sustain pedal, and lead.

Keyboard Sizes
Keyboard bags come in a range of sizes to suit your keyboard needs. Typically, professional keyboards are either 61-key, 76-key, or 88-key. It is important when buying a case for you keyboard that you measure it before hand. Whilst a case can be designed for a 76-key, or any other sized keyboard, each keyboard is different, and the overall length of the keyboard depends on the hardware on either side of the key, such as pitch-shifters and tone-wheels.