Acoustic Foam

With acoustic foam panels, you can reduce reverberance and echo conditions to make improvements for your audio recording, mixing, and rehearsing rooms, especially for home studios. SWAMP Industries have excellent options which provide varying shapes, thicknesses and designs to help you achieve the best results for sound treating your room. Some panels are designed to diffuse mid to high frequencies whilst others help with absorption. We have a number of acoustic foam panels with cone pattern designs, from egg-carton designs, through to pyramid style. Our dense foam panels are ideal for absorbing unwanted reflections. Check out our portable gobos and isolation booth options as well.

10x Sheets of Cone Acoustic Foam - 2.5m2 - Black

10x Sheets of Cone Acoustic Foam - 2.5m2 - Black

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Acoustic Foam Panels
Foam panels are the cheapest and most widely used type of acoustic tiling. Made from poly-urethane filled with air pockets, they are attached to walls in sheets to absorb sound. They are the preferred method in most many studios, as they look professional, and they tend not to clash visually with the rest of the black equipment, mic stands, speakers, amps, black clothed musicians etc.

Different densities of acoustic foam are used for different situations. A dense, thick, broadband foam will be better at reducing bass reverberation in a room, while a thinner foam can be used effectively to reduce high frequency sound reflections in a room, particularly when applied to ceilings in high rooms.