Pair of Alctron 6.5" Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

Pair of Alctron 6.5" Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

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This poly-eurethane foam pad sits under a studio monitor in your control room and decouples the speaker from the room environment.


2x Alctron Professional Studio Monitor Isolation Pads
This poly-urethane foam pad sits under a studio monitor in your control room and decouples the speaker from the room environment. Combined with acoustically treating your mixing space, this ensures that what you are hear is pure, accurate, uncoloured, 100% your awesome mix.

Picking Up Bad Vibrations
When a speaker is placed directly on a hard surface, the sound waves travel through that solid matter (faster than through air), and are altered slightly before dispersing into the room and subsequently your ears.
No matter how expensive and state of the art your studio gear is, nothing changes the fact that vibrations in the floor, walls, chair, workstation can and will colour the sound you are hearing.

Nothing but the Truth
Would you lie to your ears? The aforementioned bad vibrations would. Studio monitors are relied upon to hear just how awesome your mix sounds. It is therefore critical that you isolate them from the rooms environment. This foam acts as insulation against unwanted vibrations, decoupling your studio monitors from any hard surface.

Adjust to Your Speakers
With an extra foam wedge cutout included, you can adjust the angle of your speakers to be flat, angled down, or angled up, to suit their positioning. Angling your speakers can also help with room acoustics.

Includes 2 Pads


  • Dimensions: 33cm x 26.5cm
  • Thickness: 38mm with wedge / 18mm to 35mm without wedge
  • Angle (degrees): 0 / 3 / 6
  • Colour: Black
  • Model: EPP07
  • Suitable for 6.5" Studio Monitors
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By: PETER BARTON) on 21 March 2014
Product order 6/3/14 not received yet 21/3/14 sent email to ask for an update not had a reply yet.
By: Mr. James Henderson Henderson on 26 February 2014
Has mad an amazing difference to the performance of my Monitors. It has brought the bass out round and full unlike before. I have put off getting a sub for now.
By: Stuart Campbell on 24 January 2014
Awesome monitor isolators. Nice HD foam, no bad smell, great flexibility in the angle and perfect for my mounted HS7's.
By: Matt on 18 December 2013
These are great! These pads give my monitors a pure, controlled sound. I highly recommend them.
By: Stuart Wuttke on 30 August 2013
Great pads. They were perfect for my KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors.
By: Michael Graham on 31 May 2013
These pads are about half the price of the going rate, even on eBay, and they more than do the job. Good product, great service.
By: Andrew Ives on 26 April 2013
Perfect size for my bookshelf speakers, good quality, cheap price. Can't go wrong
By: Guido Gautsch on 12 April 2013
Solid product, works as advertised
By: Chris Lalic on 4 April 2013
I found that the Alctron Studio Monitor Isolation Pads made a huge difference to my monitoring environment. For little over $20 they made my $2800 sE Munro Egg monitors sound like another $4000! They helped tame the crazy low end vibrating through my desk and I feel that I can hear the sound coming from my speakers much better. I strongly recommend picking up a pair of Alctron Studio Monitor Isolation Pads!
By: Ian Reid on 1 April 2013
excellent isolation for studio control rooms as the isolators do stop vibrations and cuts down speaker resonance at the rear of monitors.Thus clearer response.
By: Mr. John Warr on 30 March 2013
These isolation pads really do work as they say. Isolates speakers for rumble free performance with maximum bass. Also cleans up overtones from cabinets. An essential for any listener who values their music.
By: Matt on 30 March 2013
These pads have been a great addition to my studio, and have helped to give my Roland monitors an even clearer unbiased playback. I recommend these strongly for anyone using monitors in a home studio setup.
By: Mike on 29 March 2013
Perfectly usable pads. Seem to do the job just fine.
By: Mr. Gary Stanford on 29 March 2013
Indispensable for any studio or Hi Fi application
By: Lee Campbell on 29 March 2013
These things are excellent! Great value for money here.
By: Daniel on 29 March 2013
Relatively cheap and perfect for small monitors and cramped workstations. The second extra pad supplied for each isolation pad gives you a little extra versatility in the ways you can set your monitors up regards to angle and height.
By: Angelis Dania on 27 September 2012
Great solution. A very flexible product for those on a relatively small budget. I'm using them for smaller monitors (Bx5a), but I plan to upgrade soon, and they're big enough already.

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