Rack Accessories

Product News 25-May-2020: 1U, 4U and 5U Sizes Recently Added. Tidy up your creative space, so you actually have some space to be creative! Getting organised in the studio is made easier with our metal frame 19" rack stands and our range of 19inch rack-mount drawers - now available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U sizes. The drawers are a great option to fill any unused rack spaces. They look just like a blanking panel, but you can actually put the space to some use! Key lockable also makes them great for storing valuables too. We also stock 19" rack shelves for loading in gear that does not have a 19" mounting option.

Our range of accessories for use with 19" racks includes shelves, drawers, patch panels and blanking plates. Built to suit standard 19 inch racks and has standard rack unit (RU, U) spacings. Use these rack accessories to tidy, organise and simplify the use of your rack case or rack stand.