Rack Gear

Much of the equipment designed for professional use within the audio, IT, AV, film and broadcast equipment industry is 19" rack mountable. The 19 inch specification, as well as the standard 'rack unit' (RU, U) size is standard across all industries, therefore making it possible to say rack your audio power amp and IT router in the same rack stand or frame.

19" Racks
We carry a variety of 19" racks designed for use with audio processors and power amplifiers in the studio of live, or for a venue installation. Also stocked is a wide range of ABS rack cases for mobile racking solutions.

Rack Processors
Professional audio processors such as graphic equalisers and compressors are often built into 19" rack mountable encloses enabling seamless integration into any 19" rack. Other audio processors commonly rack mounted include external effects units and analog noise gates.

Rack Accessories
We stock a wide range of accessories for 19" racks including drawers, blanking panels, trays, powerboards and patch panels with D-size connector holes. Everything you need to get your rack functioning seamlessly and efficiently.