Wireless Monitors

2.4GHz Wireless Technology for Studio Monitoring Headphones has arrived with the Alctron HE810 & WG88. Pair up to 30x HE810 headphones to a single WG88 wireless transmitter. Reliable signal transmission and quality headphones with a frequency response designed for monitoring. While bluetooth is great over short distances, a 2.4GHz wireless systems like this allows for distances up to 50m. Specially designed to handle multiple HE810's at once without crosstalk and anti-jamming tech to ensure connection reliability. The ideal solution for bands looking to do silent rehearsing without all the clutter of cables. While producers running studio sessions will love the simplicity that a wireless monitoring solution provides. The HE810's also have onboard volume control so everyone can control their overall volume easily. The HE810's also have a 3.5mm connection so you can also use for personally monitoring - for those who prefer to listen to music closer to the way it was produced.

Wireless headphone monitoring has become more of a priority for performers and musicians than ever before. With new technologies has come more affordable solutions, ultimately increasing the success of performances. Certainly this type of solution presents the best opportunities for musicians to protect their hearing, as well as hearing their own performance, and that of their band mates, in the best format possible. Modern technology now enables 2.4GHz wireless monitoring options, while the use of Bluetooth transmitters can enable the use of Bluetooth headphones for wireless monitoring.