Studio Monitors

SWAMP 8" Desktop Speaker Stand - Pair - Black

SWAMP 8" Desktop Speaker Stand - Pair - Black

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Our range of Fostex studio monitors gives an option for everyone from a starting out/first time engineer all the way to the experienced and professional engineer.

Studio monitors are simply put, speakers for sound editing.

Studio monitors are designed to have a flat frequency response to give the listener a true and accurate reproduction of the sound source and so is in many ways dissimilar to PA speakers or home theater speakers.

Studio monitors are an integral element  in any recording or production space. It is important that you are editing your sounds at the highest possible quality to ensure you are not missing anything that could damage the aesthetics of the final product and in turn displease the listener.

In addition to studio monitors, an equally important part of your monitoring setup are isolation pads. Isolation pads are a foam platform engineered to provide further sonic decoupling from the surface you have supporting your monitors. Without isolation pads, you are potentially allowing for vibrations to travel through your desk/stand and creating a resonance that affects what you are hearing.