Alctron MAS003 Headphone Hanger

Alctron MAS003 Headphone Hanger

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Headphones allow us the pleasure of personal listening in public locations, whether that be on a bus, walking to work or perhaps in a classroom. Headphones also play a vital role in home and studio recording sessions, enabling the musician to hear themselves and other tracks they are playing to, without having this mix picked up by the studio microphone.

Why choose an iSK pair of headphones?
iSK produce a stylish and comfortable range of headphones that utilise the latest release of large drivers to produce and a clear, pronounced and dynamic sound. iSK's HP-800 have a strong bass punch to them and great for DJ's and personal listeners of Dance and D&B. The HP-3000 and HP-980 have a flat frequency response and exquisite accuracy, designed for use as studio monitoring headphones. iSK latest headphone, the HP-580, features an improved driver for stunning low-end punch and precision while maintaining a flat response through the mid and high frequencies.