Guitar Slides

About Guitar Slides

Guitar slides create a unique and expressive sound, deeply rooted in the blues tradition. Originating from the early blues musicians who ingeniously utilized wine bottle necks, today's guitar slides are crafted from a variety of materials including glass, brass, and steel. Each material enhances the slide guitar's tone differently—glass provides a smooth, warm mid-range, brass offers a rich, resonant sound, and steel delivers a bright, sharp clarity. These slides are essential for achieving the fluid, vocal-like quality that defines slide guitar music.

Guitar Slide Types

Our diverse collection includes several types of guitar slides, each tailored for different musical expressions and playing styles. Brass slides are perfect for those seeking a warm, mellow tone ideal for blues and bluegrass. Glass slides offer a slick feel and a balanced tone, enhancing the emotive quality of each note. For players looking for precision and brightness, stainless steel slides are the go-to choice. We offer slides designed for wearing on the ring or pinky fingers as well as solid tone bars with ergonomic handles for lap steel guitars.

Need an Electric Guitar Slide?

Electric guitar players looking to delve into the world of slide guitar will find our selection perfectly suited to their needs. Our slides can significantly alter the dynamics of electric guitar playing, providing the sustain and expressiveness needed to mimic the human voice. Whether you are paying homage to blues legends or exploring new realms in rock and roots music, our slides ensure high performance and comfort. Explore our variety to find the slide that best complements your electric guitar and personal playing style.