Guitar Picks

Guitar picks come in various sizes, materials, gauges, and styles, each influencing attack, tone, and feel to cater to different genres and playing styles. Lighter gauge picks are ideal for strumming, offering a delicate sound, while heavier gauge picks suit single-note picking, prevalent in metal, rock, and jazz. Common materials include plastics like celluloid and nylon (best guitar picks for beginners), as well as delrin, metal, bone, or wood, each contributing unique tones based on strings and playing style. Standard rounded-edge triangle shapes are prevalent, while finger-picks and thumb-picks cater to country and folk styles with intricate finger picking.

About Guitar Picks

Guitar picks, also known as plectrums, have been an essential tool for guitarists since the early 1900s and one of the most important guitar accessories. Originally fashioned from tortoiseshell, picks have evolved and been made from various materials including plastic, metal, and even bone. Finger-picking was common in the early days and still is for classical guitar playing. Though today, picks are fundamental to electric guitar players, providing greater accuracy and enhancing the guitar's sound. That said, using a pick can be diifcult at first and takes some practise. Dunlop and Ernie Ball are popular pick brands known for their quality and durability while other brands, like Janicek, and Alice offer unique materials like celluloid nylon and carbon fibre. Perri's has a range of picks with licenced designs from popular bands including the Beatles, Kiss the Doors and more. Using a pick allows for a cleaner sound and increased speed for more complex arrangements. So whether you're a novice or a pro electric guitarist, investing time to find your ideal pick can make all the difference in your playing over the long term.

Choosing the Right Pick

Selecting the perfect guitar pick involves considering various factors such as material, thickness, shape, and grip. Our simple buying guide may assist you in making an informed decision for yourself or when buying as a gift for a friend of loved one. From the warm tones of nylon to the durability of Delrin, we offer an array of materials to suit your style. Choose from thin, medium, or thick picks for strumming or precise lead playing. Explore traditional teardrop shapes, triangular picks, or specialty designs tailored to specific genres.


  • Nylon: Offers a warm tone and flexibility.

  • Celluloid: Provides a traditional feel, and it's available in various colours and patterns.

  • Delrin or Tortex: Known for durability and a snappy response.

  • Metal: Produces a bright tone and is durable but can be harsh on strings.


  • Thin Picks (0.4mm - 0.7mm): Suitable for strumming and light playing.

  • Medium Picks (0.8mm - 1.2mm): Versatile and commonly used for various playing styles.

  • Thick Picks (1.3mm and above): Ideal for lead playing and precision.


  • Standard Shape: The traditional teardrop shape for all-around use.

  • Triangular Picks: Offer different edges for varied playing styles.

  • Shark-fin or Jazz Picks: Suitable for precise playing and intricate styles.

Perri's Picks Legendary Band Designs

For those who love to combine their passion for music with their favourite bands, Perri's Picks has the perfect solution. They offer an extensive range of guitar picks featuring designs from some of the world's biggest bands.

  • David Bowie Pick Pack [PER-PK6-LP-David Bowie]: Celebrate the legacy of this music legend with a set of picks featuring Bowie's iconic looks and album covers.

  • AC/DC Pick Pack [PER-PK6-LP-ACDC4]: For those about to rock, these picks salute you! Each pick in this pack features AC/DC's electrifying band logo or album art.

  • Kiss Pick Pack [PER-PK6-LP-KISS1]: Show your love for the 'hottest band in the world' with these picks, featuring various images of the band members and their vibrant album art.

  • Pink Floyd Pick Pack [PER-PK6-LP-PF1]: A must-have for any Pink Floyd fan, these picks feature designs inspired by the band's psychedelic visuals and ground-breaking album covers.

  • The Beatles Pick Pack [PER-PK6-LP-TB2]: Pay tribute to the Fab Four with these picks, showcasing artwork from their most influential albums.

How to hold a guitar pick?

Mastering the right way to hold a guitar pick is fundamental for precision and control in your playing. Start by placing the pick between the thumb and index finger. The tip of the pick should point towards the strings, allowing for a clean strike. Find a balance between a firm grip for control and a relaxed hold to enable fluid movement. Experiment with the angle at which the pick contacts the strings to discover what feels most comfortable for your playing style. Consistent practice will help you develop muscle memory and refine your technique, enhancing your overall guitar-playing experience. A pick holder that attaches to a microphone stand are perfect quick and easy access in case you drop one while playing.


  • Place the guitar pick between your thumb and index finger.
  • Ensure the pick's tip points toward the strings for a clean strike.


  • Strike a balance between a firm grip for control and a relaxed hold for fluid movement.


  • Explore different angles at which the pick contacts the strings to find your preferred style.


  • Consistent practice will build muscle memory and refine your overall technique.

Best Guitar Picks for Beginners

Starting your musical journey and looking for the best guitar picks for beginners? Medium picks (0.8mm - 1.2mm) are perfect for those new to guitar, offering a great balance of flexibility and control for learning various styles. Nylon picks are ideal for beginners for their warm tone and easy grip, making strumming comfortable as you learn. They also prevent the pick from slipping from your fingers. The right pick can greatly improve your playing, making practice more enjoyable and productive. Try these suggestions and you'll be playing your favourite tunes like a pro in no time!