Bass Amps

SWAMP are proud to now be a Hartke Pro Dealer and expand our Bass Amp offering. Hartke brings a diverse range of combo amps, kickback amps, speaker cabinets, and bass amp heads - with Hartke, there is the right solution for professional, intermediate, and beginner bassists. Either buy online or drop into our Canberra showroom to try out the Hartke bass amp range. Featuring Hartke's patented HyDrive Speaker Technology offering a carefully crafted hybrid (half paper, half aluminium) cone bass speaker. By combining the warmth and roundness of paper with the punch and attack of aluminium, the HyDrive design produces serious tone that is ideal for bass players of all genres and styles. Learn more about the Hartke range on our latest blog post.

Unlike electric guitarists who like distortion in their amps, bass guitar players tend to go for amplifiers that are loud, clear and punchy. Though warmth from tube or valve components is at times desirable, a more common solution is a high headroom solid state amp with class A/B or the lightweight class D circuitry. Bass amps often also include more flexible and specific tone controls such as a graphic or parametric equaliser and compressors. These controls are used to notch out high frequency string noise for a more vintage mellow tone, or add punch and snap and control dynamics in a slap bass part.