SWAMP Pro-Line Mic Cable with Neutrik AG Nickel Plugs

SWAMP Pro-Line Balanced XLR Mic Cable Neutrik AG Nickel Plugs

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1m Length - SWAMP Pro-Line series cables featuring premium quality Neutrik AG NC3FXX and NC3MXX connectors and a superior braided grounding sheild.


SWAMP Pro-Line series balanced XLR microphone cable featuring premium quality Neutrik AG NC3FXX and NC3MXX connectors and a superior braided ground shield.

Compared to standard 'spiral wrapped' shielding, braided shielding gives much better coverage around the inner cores, improving the rejection of unwanted RF noise. The more robust shield style also means the cable is more durable and resistant to damage in high use environments. Having a greater shield coverage does mean braided cables are a little less flexible than regular spiral wrapped cables.

Neutrik XX connectors are the professional standard and offer unsurpassed quality. A tough black outer PVC jacket finishes off this top quality cable.

Our Pro-Line series is designed for professional studio producers and musicians requiring the very best results from their audio equipment.


  • Conductor Cores: 2x (0.12*20)
  • Ground Core: BRAIDED (0.12*8*16)
  • Connectors: 3pin XLR (m) to XLR (f) - Neutrik AG NC3MXX, NC3FXX
  • Quality hand soldering workmanship
  • Cable Colour: Black
  • Length: 1m
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By: Mr. Phil Coster on 25 August 2015
Took another punt on swamp cables, but this time ordered 5 x 5metre Pro-line mic cables instead of their lower spec/quality cables. In the past I've usually needed to resolder/reterminate most, if not all cables I've bought from swamp due to some of the very worst soldering and quality control I've ever seen. But happy to say this order arrived today and I've finished testing, and visually inspecting all 5 cables. I only needed to resolder 2 of them which compared to past experience is a huge improvement in quality control! Still far from perfect though. Hopefully these ones will have better reliability than my 20+ other swamp Stage-series mic cables which have proven to be mediocre at best as far as reliability is concerned.
By: Peter Bowen on 20 March 2015
Bought two 10 m cables for used from mixing desk to front of house speakers. Always good to have Neutrik connections. They do the job and roll up okay. Seem road tough. Good price.
By: troy humphreys on 22 February 2015
High quality,nicely assembled and great price! Compares well with leads I've paid twice as much for. I look forward to purchasing and recommending these leads to others.
By: Lore Burns on 23 June 2013
Arrived promptly and well packaged. Perfect for my home recording studio, I've experienced no issues so far and don't expect to
By: Chris Hailes on 1 April 2013
Good insertion Feel, Long Life conectors
By: Mr. Malcolm Sellars on 30 March 2013
I have several of these cables and have found them to be reliable without any problems. The neutrik connectors are the best IMO
By: Matt on 30 March 2013
Fantastic cables, high quality and reliable. I use them in my studio and they do exactly what I need. Tough , sturdy , zero-noise cables at a great price.
By: Tony Marinelli on 29 March 2013
Great service very helpfull and great quality products
By: Mr. leslie sullivan on 29 March 2013
high quality and suited what I needed perfectly
By: Brad Corken on 27 September 2012
Great pre-made cable with professional quality connectors! Exactly as described!

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