SWAMP DMX Cable - 5-pin 110ohm

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80cm Length -

SWAMP 5pin "Digital Lighting" DMX cable. Designed to carry the DMX512 digital data protocol, commonly used for stage lighting and effects equipment such as digital light controllers, consoles, dimmers, lasers and fog machines.

110ohm cable - Dual Shielded
Features 5pin XLR connectors and built from 110-ohm rated, thick 22AWG OFC copper conductors suited to carrying DMX (DMX512) digital signals. An outer BRAIDED copper shield plus inner aluminum FOIL shielding around the conductors cores ensures signal integrity and eliminates RFI and EMI interference which can result in DMX errors.

5-pin DMX Cables
Standard DMX512 protocol specifies each cable should have "two twisted pair data paths", meaning 4 conductors + 1 ground, with 5-pin connectors. Though often only a single twisted pair (2 conductors) are utilised by DMX512 equipment, so often manufacturers have opted for 3pin XLR sockets to enable the use or regular mic cables. This has downfalls, as many mic cables do no have the shielding capabilities of rejecting interference, only "braided" shield microphones are really suitable for DMX512 signals.


  • Conductor Cores: 4x (19*0.15mm) - 21AWG
  • Ground Core: Braided (16*8*0.12mm)
  • Extra shield: Aluminum Foil
  • Connectors: 5pin XLR(m) to XLR(f)
  • Cable Colour: Black
  • Outer Diameter: 7.5mm
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5 pin cable

By: on 20 August 2020
Very pleased with this item. I was not sure if it was the right cable to buy so I simply called and a professional they guided me in the right direction. The service was great and the expected time of arrival was quite quick. I will definitely use this company again ... in fact, I’m just about to order something else right now !!
By: on 31 March 2013
Good quality product that does the job it's designed to do.
By: on 27 September 2012
Pro quality Dmx cable! 5-pin Dmx standard for use with all 5-pin equipment!

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