Introducing the GaffGun - Automatic Gaffer Tape Applicator Tape Dispenser

Posted: 18 September 2015

Synopsis: Hailed as "the single greatest advancement in gaffer's tape since the tape was invented", and they are not wrong. The GaffGun is a tape application machine designed to eliminate the hard and time consuming work needed to lay and gaff tape cables to ensure

How many shows have we done where after setting up the stage, building the FOH mix position, running cables on venue floors, we then have to "gaff down" all the cables only to discover the Gaff tape has gone missing!

We frantically search around for it, finally locating it at the merch desk, or in the backstage room because someone needed to borrow it! After bending down on our hands and knees and running multiple strips of tape over the same cable run, we get up to find our back sore and our gig clothes dusty and dirty from the floor and stage we have been kneeling on. Due to the time consuming efforts of making our stage and work area tidy and OH&S friendly, we now don't have time to clean ourselves up before the audience enters the venue! Not ideal, and certainly not the fun part of the job.


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Imagine if there was a product that saved you time, saved your back, and meant that your show clothes remained clean. And by product, I'm not referring to your apprentice or lackey that tidies up, but a compact device that rolls out tape and straightens cable runs, saving you enough time to ensure you get to have your meal break! Well, I have to stay I was a little stoked when informed of this pretty amazing invention…. its called GAFFGUN and it has the potential to revolutionise the way we work and prolong the health of our backs!

Several things caught my attention straight away. Firstly, expecting a small hand held tape gun similar to those used in warehouses, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sturdy GAFFGUN has an extendable handle. This means no more bending down to tape long cable runs. As explained in the promo video's, start by matching up the cable with the double lines on the front of the gun (these look like pin-stripes on a Monaro!), then fix the start of the gaff to the beginning of the run. All you have to do then is walk in the desired straight line, wheeling the GAFFGUN out in front until you reach the end. Then simply bend down, rip the gaff and your work is done!

The second thing that immediately appealed to me was the high quality gaff tape that comes with the GAFFFGUN package. In particular, the GT Pro with Dry Channel tape that has no sticky section in the in the middle of the it! So you know what this means don't you?!?!…. NO STICKY GLUE REMNANTS on your cables. The tape is designed with the sticky parts positioned on the outer sides of the tape that attaches to the floor,whilst the non stick section covers your cable. So when you pull off the tape at the end of the show, there is no issue with leaving tape stuck to your cables.

Lastly, is the compact size. Just chuck a 2RU rack draw into your rack case and you can carry this GAFFGUN around with you. The rubber/foam packaging that the GAFFGUN is supplied in will fit neatly into one of these drawers. All you have to do is simply fold the handle down and dismantle the gun (only takes 2 seconds), and put it away. When looking at the GAFFGUN, I was trying to come up with a negative, and the only one I can think of is that people will want to steal it as well as your gaff next time around! The positives though are numerous; clean cable runs, residue free and clean cables at the end of shows, potential to save a mountain of time, saves your back and knees, and as you have a dedicated draw you will always know where your gaff is!

SWAMP is proud to announce that we will be receiving the FIRST shipment of the GAFFGUN into Australia in late September / early October. Accordingly, we will be offering special Wholesale prices and discounts for bulk buys to all our wonderful re-sellers and special discounts to anyone that works in the entertainment industry. All orders can be placed with no minimum order quantity. More details coming to you shortly, but in the meantime, keep looking at our website to check when the GAFFGUN becomes available, or please call us on 02 6162 2725 if you need any further information. We will be taking advanced orders on these, so you may want to get in fast. I already have!

Happy Mixing,


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