SWAMP PDB-40SM Guitar Effect Pedal Board Small-Medium


SWAMP PDB-40SM Small-Medium Guitar Effect Pedal Board Bridge 45x31cm

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45x31cm - small-medium size pedal board bridge. Designed for the gigging musicians allowing for convenient pedal access and transport solution. Gaps between rungs for cable management, underside frame for power supply. Optional Powerbank Rung.


SWAMP PDB-40SM Small-Medium Guitar Effect Pedal Board Bridge 45x31cm
The SWAMP Small-Medium Professional Pedal Bridge is designed for the gigging musician that requires a professional, convenient pedal performance and transport solution. With dedicated power supply mount, and supplied with loop tape and elastic straps.

Lightweight for Easy Transportation
The entire pedal bridge is constructed from lightweight aluminium, minimising the weight of your complete pedal rig and making for easy transportation. This small-medium pedal bridge is great to fit from 8 to 14 pedals (depending on pedal size). The 4 rungs have loop tape already fixed, and the middle two rungs can be adjusted to suit your placement of pedals. There are two removable feet for the back end of the pedal board, to adjust the suitable height required.Comes with everything you need to set up a great looking and impressive pedal board.

Adjustable Bridge Centre Rungs
SWAMP pedal bridges also feature adjustable rungs. The middle two rungs' position can be moved up or down along the side rails by simply flipping the board, removing the screws, repositioning as desired and then returning the screws to the relevant pre-drilled threaded holes. This flexibility is particularly usable for applications such as mounting different sized power supplies, as well as accomodating large or mini pedal sizes.

Mounting a SWAMP Pedal Station Power Supply
A great feature of the SWAMP pedal bridge is the purpose built space for a pedals power supply such as the SWAMP DC Core 10. Situated on the underside of the main frame, four brackets are positioned to secure the power supply with an adjustable elastic strap, with easy access for the daisy chain cable via the gap between the two rungs on the frame. This space will keep your power supply safe, hidden away from any possible knocks, or spilled drinks when on stage.


  • Aluminium Construction
  • Hook Stripping Tape Included
  • 4 Rungs (2 adjustable) 
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pedal Brick Station Power Supply Holder with Elastics
  • Adjustable and Removable Feet


  • Power Supply holder: 20cm x 8.5cm (with 4.5cm available depth)
  • Dimensions:  45cm x 31cm x 3.8cm (max 8cm at rear)
  • Weight: 1.3kgs
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By: John Lees on 6 June 2023
I chose this size and brand for my first pedal board set up and have not been disappointed. Sturdy construction with movable mounts are exactly what I require to get the best outcome. Would recommend to anyone purchasing.

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