SWAMP Guitar A/B Amp Switch + Y Splitter Signal Router


SWAMP Guitar A/B Amp Switch + Y Splitter Signal Router

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SWAMP SW-21 offers guitarists the flexibility of a Y-Splitter , plus an A/B amp switcher in a single unit. Also features a dual input for combining 2 guitar signals into 1. What to connect where? Guitars or Instruments are plugged into the PA


SWAMP SW-21 offers guitarists the flexibility of a Y-Splitter, plus an A/B amp switcher in a single unit. Also features a dual input for combining 2 guitar signals into 1.

What to connect where?
Guitars or Instruments are plugged into the PARRALEL inputs. If 2 instruments are connected, both signals are combined into 1. Connect the A and B outputs to different amplifiers.

A/B Amp Switcher
Stomping the A/B function switch, selects which channel output is being used (A or B), allowing you to switch freely between two amplifiers. LED lights indicate which channel is active.

Stomping the Y-split function switch, splits the signal to both outputs, A and B simultaneously. Gain a unique sound by combining 2 different guitar amps, or light up the stage with the full power of your combined rigs.

Reverse Function
The switcher can also be used in reverse, using A and B as input channels, allowing the user to hit the A/B switch to select between guitars, or the Y-split to select both. Note that this a completely passive device, and using Y-configurations on certain devices may produce a volume drop.


  • Input/Output Connections:  1/4" unbalanced jacks
  • Maximum Switching Current Rating: 3A
  • Switch Type: DPDT "Double Pole Double Throw" / True Bypass
  • Power Input:  9V DC Battery (used for the LED’s only —
       actual switching is operational with no batteries)
  • Battery Life:   up to 140 hours
  • Barely audible low switching noise
  • No bleed-through between channels
  • Case:  Heavy-duty all metal construction
  • Indicators:  2 Green LEDs (Signal path/Mode indication)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):  3.74" x 2.87" x 1.57" (95 x 73 x 40mm)

Variety of Functions:

  • Switches a signal between two different targets (e.g., amp A or B)
  • Directs a signal to two targets simultaneously.
  • Switches between one of two different source signals sent to one target
  • Combines two source signals in parallel switched between two different targets
  • Combines two source signals in parallel directed to two targets simultaneously.
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By: Anonymous on 12 October 2023
Terrific easy to use Ab y switcher.

Awesome A/B + Y switch

By: Tim on 18 March 2023
No Mess, No Fuss, great delivery time, but most importantly Solid little pedal, does exactly what I needed it to do, and looks cool to, very much recommended!!!!

Guitar A B SWITCH.

By: Sam conomo on 26 July 2022
The product did exactly what it was supposed to do. I asked about the product and was replied to quickly,with all the right info. Bought it over the phone with my credit card, it was mail to me. So good.

What it says on the tin

By: Jacky on 13 January 2022
It works exactly as described and looks as it is pictured. No issues whatsoever.


By: Ian Bertram on 11 October 2021
This is very good quality and well made.

Great item

By: Brent Bryan on 1 July 2021
Works exactly as described

Swamp splitter

By: Anthony Ward on 22 June 2021
Very good product, clear sound, and good switches. Just what I needed for running two amps.

Great quality and service from SWAMP

By: Richie on 2 June 2021
I went to SWAMP looking for a splitter cable to run a guitar into two amps. This splitter was suggested as a better alternative, and boy, were they right! So much easier having the option to select L or R or both with a press of a footswitch. Solid metal enclosure, about the size of any guitar pedal, good pricing, firm click from the switch. Haven't tried two guitars into one amp yet but I love having the option as well all in the same device. Well done SWAMP Industries, I'll be back in the future for more gear from you.

Exactly as it says on the tin!

By: Michael Rae on 1 April 2020
An excellent piece of kit. I use it for a wet dry amp set up and it works a treat. Sent from Canberra to Melbourne in only a few days. Highly recommended.

Swamp ABY Pedal = Unbelievable value.

By: Anonymous on 9 March 2019
This ABY Pedal is fantastic. I am running a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and an Orange Micro Terror into a Blackstar HTV 1x12 with a CB Wah, Distortion, Delay, Compression and Reverb pedals in front. The Swamp ABY sits at the end of the chain. This pedal allows me to silently switch between both amps and to run both at the same time giving a "3D" effect to my music. Having 2 amps running at the same time really fills the room. Amazing effect. The unit is built like a Tank and is light as a feather. Fantastic quality and a fantastic price. My only gripe is the Battery Cover. It's fiddly and the screw which locks it stands out like a sore thumb. But, like the instructions state the battery should last 140 hours so, no big deal. It's also only used to power the LED's as the pedal is passive. This truly is a briliant pedal. no idea why anyone would pay double the price for the same type of pedal. Thanks Swamp great service.

Great Product

By: Nicholas on 8 August 2018
This product is brilliant quality for the price. It is very sturdy and maintains a clear signal. I love having the ability to use as a Y splitter, A/B selector or both at once. Thanks SWAMP.

makes rocksmith work the way it should

By: steve on 2 March 2018
I have always been disappointed with the audio delay when playing rocksmith on the PS3/PS4. with the y switch i feed one output to my amp and the other to the game and it works perfect. now no delay. awesome product, great price
By: Noel Jones on 13 May 2016
Gr8 little unit, good solid build, does what it says on the can. LED lights helpful to know which channel is selected. If your looking at switching between 2 amps or using both at once this is a great affordable solution .
By: Pete Titchener on 22 April 2016
Excellent little AB foot switch at a very affordable price. Definitely recommend by me as a great way to switch between guitars without having to ask for additional DI lines.
By: David Spira on 17 July 2015
Good value for money and does what I expected it to do so far. IE Run 2 guitars into a single tuner and a single amp, allowing me to switch between guitars without unplugging.
By: Neil Porter on 31 March 2015
a perfect, simple solution to a couple of issues: giving me a line in for recording without a direct out on my little Vox amp, and; an instant mute switch for live work. Solid construction and quick delivery. Very pleased with Swamp zindustries.
By: Mr. Peter Gray on 12 April 2013
Very easy to use and saves a lot of messing around on stage when swapping instruments. LED's are easy to see and lets you know which way the system is switched.
By: John Castellain on 29 March 2013
Using tha Alcctron A/B Switch + Y splitter enables me to use two amps and a Stereo jamman pedal to record and loop a bass track through one amp and then switch to the guitar amp or even use both one with pitch shifted bass and guitar together, live.

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