SWAMP 8 Channel XLR Balanced Loom Snake Multicore

SWAMP 8 Channel XLR Balanced Loom / Snake / Multicore

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3m Length - SWAMP 8 channel multicable Loom / Snake. This cable consists of 8 individual balanced microphone cables with XLR(f) and XLR(m).


SWAMP 8 Channel Multicable Loom / Snake

This cable consists of 8 individual balanced microphone cables with XLR(f) and XLR(m). Built using oxygen free cable and a thick outer ground shield, these cables are designed to eliminate interference whilst maximising signal flow.

Suitable for carrying audio signals between devices with numerous inputs/outputs such as mixing desks and rack gear. Useful for stage set-ups to save time and cable mess.


  • 8 way, Twin Conductor / Balanced Multicore Cable Roll
  • Each channel has isolated conductors and ground
  • Conductors: 2*(28x 0.10mm) / 24AWG
  • Ground: 1*(34x 0.10mm) Tinned Copper spiral-wrapped shield + Aluminium Foil shield
  • Outer Diameter: 15mm
  • Connectors: 3pin 8xXLR(m) to 8xXLR(f) - SWAMP Brand Connectors
  • Length: 3m
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Very Poor - and not the product pictured.

By: Simon Asquith on 2 February 2017
Ordered this product online after discussion its requirements with the staff at Swamp. The sales team at Swamp are always very helpful and I do like them and their service - However this product is terrible. This product is pictured and advertised as high quality and gold connectors. The product that arrived did not have gold connectors, is very cheap and very poor quality. I purchased two of these , and both of them have mismatched numbering of the individual channels. On 1 snake - 1 end has 2 x number 4 channels and the other end has 2 x number ones. On the second snake one end has 2 x number 7s. This snake also has 1 channel that does not work at all. There is also little blue plastic oval tabs on each connector that are glued on very poorly and simply fall off. Overall these feel very cheap and poor quality - like they were put together by a drunk. There is a 30 day return on the goods, and I should have returned them - but when they arrive and you have a deadline to install them ( which was discussed with the swamp team and thus the quality that was required for the installation was known) - there is no time to mess around and send things back and wait for a week. I went on tour two days later and did not have time to return them. I ended up having to go a local supplier and paid a bit more for the quality I should have got in the first place and these I will sell for 20 bucks on eBay. In the past - Swamp has been very good for me with quality products for certain items and very good service. This purchase has not been of the usual quality - but this is enough for me to not waste time and money again. SWAMP REPLY: Thank you for the feedback, it is highly valuable to us and we'll be looking into this issue. The faults you have described are not typical to this product. Please call us on 02 618 5477 at your convenience and we'll work to resolve this issue immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Regards, Swamp Industries TEL: 02 6188 5477 FAX: 02 8078 4468 Showroom & Warehouse U1, 39 Collie St Fyshwick, ACT, 2609
By: Mr. Darren Harvey on 29 March 2013
works great in the studio to feed all my inputs to the desk
By: peter agnew on 27 September 2012
Swamp seems to be an easy going company with people wanting to help in any way they can, this is great and if I ever need something else I will be using Swamp again. My boys wanted an 8 Channel XLR balanced multicore at 30 meters and a snake 8 XLR male to female at 3 meters to finish of their recording studio and Swamp came through for them. I recommend Swamp to all muso,s as they are there to help and provide top quality items. Cheers Pete from Melbourne

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