ICM SE-4-ME Audio Mixer with Bluetooth & USB Recorder


ICM SE-4-ME 4CH Compact Audio Mixer with Bluetooth and USB Recorder

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The ICM SE-4-ME has 2x combo inputs with mic preamps on the XLR and Line and Hi-Z options for the 1/4". Extra stereo line input. Offers Bluetooth, FX and USB recording and playback. Ideal for recording performances, podcasts and rehearsals directly.


SE-4-ME Professional Audio Mixer with BT Input and USB Recorder
The unique ICM SE-4-ME mixer has two mic preamps, and a stereo channel, and offers bluetooth connection and direct USB recording and playback. Ideal for those that wish to record performances, podcasts, meetings, conferences and rehearsals directly. Records direct to USB in MP3 format. Or simply use a dual XLR to 3.5mm cable to connect directly into the input jack on a smartphone or laptop.

Connections - Two Combo Mic, Line or Hi-Z Channels
This portable and versatile mixer offers two combo jacks, for use as mic preamps, hi-impedance inputs for guitars or line inputs. Phantom power is available for use with condenser microphones. Channels 3 and 4 are a stereo or mono connection. Main left and right outputs are XLR. A headphone jack is available. A USB port is for recording the main output signal and as well for playback of audio files.

Mixer Features
The mic input channels have a 2 band EQ. There is an echo reverb effect on the mixer, which can be applied to the two mic channels. The control of the effects include repeat, interval and level. Pan control and peak LEDs are  available on all channels. Volume controls are available for the USB player, each input channel, headphone and main outputs.

USB Recorder and Player
After inserting a USB stick, the transport buttons are utilised for the recorder/player, along with an LCD screen. The buttons allow for moving through the USB directory easily, and to select the files for playback. Long presses on the forward and backwards transport keys will increase and decrease the volume. Once a USB stick is inserted, any files on board will start playback automatically. A short press of the menu button provides the ability to select playback modes, such as random or repeat, EQ application, directory selection or deletion of files. A long press of the menu button enters the recording mode. The file format is MP3, and there is a built-in ADC/DAC chipset, with 16bit/48KHz max  The maximum size of the USB stick is 16GB.

Bluetooth Input Streaming
When no USB stick is inserted, pressing the press any key quickly, and select BT mode. The bluetooth name of this module is BT-SPEAKER. Once paired with your device, streaming is automatic.


  • Unique and versatile mixer with on-board recording and playback
  • 2 Mic Pre-amps, Hi-Z and Line inputs
  • Bluetooth input streaming for file playing
  • XLR Main outputs
  • Digital echo delay effect for mic channels
  • Playback and recording in MP3 format onto USB stick - 16GB Max.
  •  ADC/DAC chipset, 16bit/48KHz max
  • Input Channels Mono (Mic/Line): 2, Stereo (Line): 1
  • Output Channels Main L/R Out: 1, Phones: 1
  • Bus Stereo: 1
  • Input Channel Function:
  • 2 MIC/LINE: Gain, -14-+40 dB; 2 band ECG, 80Hz/12KHz,±15dB; +48V, Phantom Power,LED; IMPEDANCE Switch; Peak LED
  • Stereo input: Sensitivity adjusting switch, Balance adjustment, Peak LED
  • Level Meter: 2x6 point LED meter
  • Max output level: 3 Vrms
  • Frequency response: +0.5 dB, 20-20000Hz
  • Dynamic range: 102 dB
  • THD+N @ 1KHz: <0.03%
  • Stereo crosstalk: 92 dB
  • Power Requirements: DC 5V, 1A (power supply included)
  • Power Consumption: Max. 5W
  • Dimensions: W166mm x H66mm x D165mm
  • Net Weight: 0.89 kg
  • Accepts USB storage up to 16GB

Note: Manual incorrect - no USB to computer connectivity, only USB to USB stick / external storage.

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Cheapest (and best value) Mic Pre on Swamp

By: Anonymous on 21 January 2021
I'd bought one of the ICM-SE-8-ME mixers to use with my Alesis SR18 drum and bass machine, to work up a small, live, online live rig in 2020 (still rehearsing) and was impressed enough with the build quality of that to choose two ICM-SE-4-ME as 4 mic preamps for the line channels on my studio's Behringer FCA1616, rather than twice the price for a fibre optic mic expander, and I'm very happy with the results! The build quality is rugged, as well. I knew the ICM-SE-4-ME had individual phantom and impedance selection, like the FCA's 4 mic preamps, but specs are nearly as good as the Midas preamps, too, and any difference is undetectable by ear. My home studio is now an 8 mic in rig, which means I can do a proper "room mic" of my drums or have some friends over to make noise as a live unit. Very happy! BTW, anybody wondering how I've set this up... ch 1 to 4 of the FCA, in-built mic inputs, ch 1 of ICM-SE-4 panned full left, left out to FCA ch 5, ch2 panned full right, right out to FCA ch 6, repeat on second mixer for channels 7 and 8 on the FCA.

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