SWAMP GWS-58 Wireless Guitar System 5.8GHz Rechargeable

SWAMP GWS-58 Digital 5.8GHz Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

for Active and Passive Instruments - includes TX and RX

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SWAMP's new 5.8GHz rechargeable guitar wireless system provides no discernible latency, up to 50m coverage, and up to 7 hours of play. High quality audio at 24bit/48KHz, with a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. Innovative wrap-around design. Quality product.


GWS-58 Digital 5.8GHz Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System
SWAMP's new 5.8GHz rechargeable guitar wireless system provides no discernible latency, up to 50m coverage, and up to 7 hours of play. High quality audio at 24bit/48KHz, with a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. Innovative wrap-around design.

Great Audio Quality, Simple Setup
This wireless system works on instruments with either active or passive pickups. The integrity of the audio signal on stage or rehearsal is maintained through it's 5.8GHz connection. The transmitter and receiver are paired very simply and up to 4 pairs can be used simultaneously. The Li-ion batteries are string, lasting up to 7 hours, on a 1 hour battery charge. Both 

Innovative Design
The transmitter and receiver can fit perfectly on your instrument, and wrap around the body. Included in the package are some double sided pads which can be effective when the body of the transmitter is against the instrument to ensure no surface scratches, whilst being tucked away from any bumping hazards. The transmitter can be swapped from one guitar to another without having to turn the system off. 

In the Package:

  • Transmitter (TX)
  • Receiver (RX)
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable 


  • Works on active basses as well as instruments with passive pickups
  • Up to 50m range
  • Less than 6ms latency
  • 24bit/48KHz resolution
  • Wrap-around design
  • Up to 4 pairs can be used simultaneously
  • Up to 7 hours play / 1 hour recharge
  • Charge both transmitter and receiver simultaneously through the included cable


  • Audio Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Wireless Power: 7dBm
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Transmission Range: Max.50M (Line of Sight); 30M (Obstacles)
  • Latency: < 6ms
  • Supports 4 sets working at the same time
  • Battery Life: 7 Hours (Rechargable Lithuim Battery)
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour
  • Dimensions: Folder - 95mm x 37mm x 20mm. Body of transmitter / receiver is 80mm x 37mm x 15mm. Extended is 145mm length.
  • Package Weight: 166g
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GWS-58 Digital 5.8 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar Sy

By: Ray Wilcox on 21 January 2022
Been tempted by this device replacing the need for guitar to be connected (attached) to amp. Well it does what it says and what I was hoping for in spades. Easy instructions and one push of the power button on both receiver and transmitter and I was up and running. Not only that I felt that the sound was improved (solid..louder) than the cord I replaced. Now lets talk about service, Swamp could see I was having difficulty with PayPal and couldn’t complete the order, not sure why. They emailed me and invited me to call and I told them that I was reluctant to use my credit card as I had been bitten a few years ago trying to order a similar product from a Facebook ad (overseas). The fact that they are based in Canberra was reassuring and I proceeded over the phone. Very happy with the product and service, it arrived 2 days later. Recommended.

Sound great, using 4 in the band

By: Sutto on 26 October 2021
Fantastic solution, sounds better than my other system, a LIne 6 one. I can't tell difference between this and a cabled hookup. And because it's 4 channel, we use 4 sets in the band without a problem. You'll love it.

Zero complaints. None.

By: Callum on 16 October 2021
As the other reviewers said. Very happy. Idiot proof.

Excellent System!

By: Shane Hughes on 7 November 2019
My clever daughter got me this for my birthday recently. Haven't used a wireless system in years. Last one was a Samson, I believe, which was not entirely reliable. This thing, however, has blown my mind. Cannot hear any loss in tone or punch compared to using a cable. And there's absolutely NO latency whatsoever. 50 meter range. Comes with a USB style charging cable. Ridiculously simple to use. Compact. I'm really impressed with it. Hot Product Alert!!!!

Reliable and sounds great

By: Dave on 27 October 2019
I've had this wireless system for a couple of months. I've used it for performing live, rehearsing and practicing. I've used it with a variety of different guitars, electric and acoustic with an on-board preamp. I've used it alongside other guitarists that have their own wireless systems. I've not had a problem with it yet. It works reliably at long distances, never had any problems with cut-outs or loss of signal. The sound quality is great. It accurately transmits the guitar sound, including when the volume is rolled back. I can't hear or feel any difference between this and a high-quality guitar cable. It keeps its charge for quite a long time (hours), the transmitter/receiver association is seamless (just switch it on & go) and its angle can be adjusted to fit in various guitars/amps OK. For a mid price range wireless system, this is great. I can't fault it, would definitely buy it again.

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