Wish you had someone to jam with? You do, yourself! Lay down a riff, add another layer, solo to your hearts content. You might be missing your band members, or looking for some fresh inspiration to write some new riffs - a looper pedal instantly gets your creativity going. It's also a great way to improve your ability to keep tightly to a beat. Once you nailed looping with your guitar, consider grabbing stomp box from our Peterman range to fill out your sound and even a looper for your vocals!

The looper pedal is an essential tool for any guitarist, or really any musician that has an instrument with a Hi-Z output. Loopers can be used for creating complex, layered "one man band" live performances, as a compositional jamming tool, or even as a practice recorder for quickly getting down your own backing tracks to play over. Loopers come in all shapes and sizes, everything from an intuitive single button looper like the TC Electronic Ditto Looper Guitar Pedal to powerful multi switch loop stations with large recording space for multitrack compositions with multiple overdubs.