iSK is fast making a name for itself in the pro microphone scene. Providing a range of high quality dynamic and condenser microphones and matching microphone stands, shock-mounts and accessories. Utilising advanced production techniques along with the strictest quality control measures allows iSK to produce the high quality that discerning musicians and engineers demand at an affordable price.

Products like the DM-57 dynamic mic, the BM-700 condenser mic and the SMP-2 shock mount/pop filter combo are among iSK’s best-selling models, delivering that aforementioned quality. Also popular are the convenient drum mic kits that include everything needed to produce high quality recordings and live reproduction of drum sounds in one inexpensive kit.

Continually producing new products to expand the already extensive product line, new items include the  RF-2 Sound Reflection Filter. Effectively providing a portable vocal booth, the RF-2 is a must have for anyone recording without the expensive luxury of a dedicated vocal room. The RF-2 is just one more product in a line of innovative, visually attractive and cost-effective iSK products useful to any recording engineer or live musician.