SWAMP launches a digital cable range!

Posted: 2 September 2013

Synopsis: Swamp now not only stocks one of Australia's largest ranges of analog audio cables, we now also carry our own line of Swamp branded digital cables. As the digital world expands around us we all have increasing needs for digital interconnects. Everything f

Swamp now not only stocks one of Australia's largest ranges of analog audio cables, we now also carry our own line of Swamp branded digital cables. Digital cables are becoming increasing common as manufacturers evolve to the digital world and produce a greater number of products that can either connector to another digital device or a computer.

The USB cable is certainly the most common connector / cable type on the market and can be used to transfer both 'data' and 'power' within the one cable. The USB type connector also has 3 different connector sizes ranging from Micro, Mini to Standard. The USB-Mini connector was standard on digital cameras throughout the 2000's, and you probably now know the USB-Micro connector due to its use as the power/data connector on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Swamp v1.4 HDMI cables are now also part of our range. A v1.4 HDMI cable can carry audio, video and Ethernet (Internet) signal, all down the single cable. This combined functionality means its perfect for interconnecting home theater and AV equipment. An increasing about of laptops and LCD's now also have HDMI ins and outs. We stock a model with 180 degree rotating plugs, which can be very handy in home theatre setups where you have limited length or space.

In the pro audio scene, digital audio signal sends are becoming increasing common as people now start to move digital signals between different devices. S/PDIF connectors are still about, but manufacturers of pro audio gear are tending to favour a Toslink / fibre optic cable connection, which can carry multiple channels. Or an AES / EBU connection for single digital signal runs, as these take advantage of the "balancing" properties of an XLR cable. We stock a range of AES / EBU cables made with 110ohm digital grade cable and a braided shield.

The firewire standard took prominence in the late 2000's on devices requiring a high amounts of data transfer over short time periods. Devices such a multi-track output mixing consoles featured the firewire connector, enabling multiple channels of digital audio to be sent along a single firewire cable direct to a computer. Firewire connectors now come in 3 sizes; 4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin option, which can make life a little difficult when connecting between devices. Our new range includes all combinations of the above 3 connectors, so we should have all your needs sorted. It should be noted, with the vast improvements of the new USB 3.0 and 3.1 standards, it is likely that we will start to see the USB 3.0 connector on devices that we would have previously seen the Firewire connector on.

Remember digital cables carry signal represented as 1's and 0's. For that reason you cannot simple join an analog and digital cable together with an adapter. Everything time you go from analog to digital you need an A/D converter to 'translate' the analog waves into numbers. This A/D conversion is a critical step in determining the final quality of your signal and should be strongly considered in all professional audio applications.