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    Blue - Enya Nova U series ukuleles are made of carbon fibre composite - option AcousticPlus pickup / effects system. The polycarbonate material provides a bright sound, a waterproof lightweight durable body with great resonance. Complete with a premium gi

    Enya Nova U Carbon Concert Ukulele
    The new Enya Nova U series ukuleles are made of carbon fibre composite. The polycarbonate material provides a bright sound, a waterproof lightweight durable body with great resonance. Complete with a premium gig bag, these are the ukuleles of the future.

    Carbon Fibre Ukuleles
    The unique Enya Nova has an eye-popping design and is made of carbon fibre composite. This polycarbonate material will give your ukulele a much brighter sound. The lightweight yet durable construction provides greater resonance for such a surprisingly thin body! This incredibly resistant material is also waterproof and a breeze to clean. This ukulele is suitable for any level of player who seeks a one-of-a-kind style with the added sonic enhancements of bonded carbon atoms!

    Enya Music Group
    The Enya Music Group is a global guitar & ukulele manufacturer established in 2011. Currently holding 16 invention patents and over 80 design patents, Enya is one of the most innovative instrument makers today. With over 250,000  instruments sold in 2019 alone, Enya Music has become a leading brand of stringed musical instruments.

    Optional AcousticPlus Pickup System
    Enya AcousticPlus® allows players to add reverb and chorus effects from the instrument itself, with no external devices needed. Each Enya AcousticPlus® instrument has a built-in actuator. This ground breaking technology takes the string vibrations and enhances them to allow players to add sound effects from the instrument itself, with no external effects or amplification needed, providing a simple but effective way to process the natural sound.

    Included Gigbag and Accessories
    Included with the purchase of this ukulele is a custom semi-hard gig bag, as well as spare strings, a strap, and a capo.

    Model Nova U
    Top 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
    Neck 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate;
    Tuning Pegs Open Gold Classic
    Bridge 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
    Finish Satin
    Body Thickness 2 Inch
    Weight 1.25 lbs
    Size Concert 23"
    Back & Sides 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
    Fretboard 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
    Nut & Saddle; 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
    Strings Enya Fluorocarbon
    Pickup DOUBLE® Acoustic Plus (Optional)
    • Buying Option: Blue
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    I really like this uke

    By: on 2 September 2021
    I really do like this uke. A lot. I love the shape, the colour, the feel, the tone, the action and intonation is spot on. The pickup is a nice touch, but even without that , I would love this uke. The provided strings I read somewhere were thought to be too soft - I have some neuropathy in my fingers so the strings are actually kinder than Aquila strings could ever be. I'm not a total newbie to the uke, and yes I have a few to choose from in my personal hoard, this Enya uke is up there with my way more expensive uke. Love it.

    Absolute Winner!

    By: on 5 July 2021
    This Enya Ukulele Kit gives you bang for your Buck, even before the add ons this Uke is worth the spend. Great sound and low action, easy on beginner's fingers. We are still blown away by the sound you get from a non traditional material instrument. I love that all the accessories coordinate in colour (i know black not technically a colour but you get the gist). Great Quality bag and strap, the little plastic capo is well, plastic, it does the job and in reality its like a little free bonus as the rest of the bundle is above and beyond! The bag it comes with is fantastic! I have had friends buying one after seeing mine. If you are uming and ahhing don't hesitate you will not be disappointed.

    Playability With Good Looks

    By: on 8 April 2021
    Perfect beginners uke because it’s so easy to play. This might have something to do with the ever-so-slight curve on the radius neck making barre chords super duper easy. Great travel uke too as it’s slimline, light and hardy. It can withstand heat and moisture unlike the wooden ukes. I take it on the fishing boat. The Enya custom case is great too and the uke comes with strap, capo and spare strings. The uke feels smooth and tactile to play, no sharp edges. But the big deal is the sound. Better than a plastic uke, at about 30 per cent carbon fibre and the rest polycarbonate plastic. Doesn’t sound too shabby at all, with notes sounding surprisingly clear and the acousticplus uke’s great reverb and chorus effects via built-in pickup sound amazing even without plugging in to an amp. Price point is pretty dam good for all of this. Minor gripes include no dots on the side of the uke and the matt finish on the black uke picks up every spec of dust and finger marks. Can’t go wrong buying this little baby from Swamp. Great company to deal with.

    Enya nova U

    By: on 31 March 2021
    This ukulele arrived in a really sturdy box with a good case, strap and capo, the instrument feels light and well balanced and everything works as it should, the intonation is accurate and the strings are ok but for myself the strings had an odd feeling of “hardness” which I tried to get used to but I eventually replaced them with a set of PHD strings which look like the original, but feel better to me. It sounds quite nice and I really like it, I bought it for travel but I think this will be used much more than just travel.

    Enya Nova U Red

    By: on 23 January 2021
    Very pleased with my ukulele! It was very well packaged, 2 boxes, inside case which also had packing inside. Lovely ukulele with a beautiful rich sound. Feels comfortable to hold and looks great!

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