Innovative Guitars and Ukuleles from Enya Music

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Posted: 4 March 2020
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Synopsis: We are pleased to announce the return of the Enya Music range of Ukuleles and Guitars to the SWAMP range. Issues with the supply of Rosewood in the global market affected the ability to reorder models we sourced back in 2017.

Innovative Guitars and Ukuleles from Enya Music are back at SWAMP

We are pleased to announce the return of the Enya Music range of Ukuleles and Guitars to the SWAMP range. Issues with the supply of Rosewood in the global market affected the ability to reorder models we sourced back in 2017, though Enya has since grown to produce a superb new range of instruments using innovative materials and techniques, many of which are patented by Enya themselves. Ever considered a carbon fibre guitar? Probably not before, but thanks to Enya it's now something to really consider!


Standout Booth at Music China / Pro Light and Sound Shanghai

Having stumbled on the Enya Music display booth at the Shanghai Pro Light Sound / China Music show back in 2016 I immediately saw the attractiveness of the instruments as well as the build quality and sound. An exchange of business cards led to the discovery of us sharing the slogan 'For the Love of Music' (one we have since retired) and an in-depth discussion with the founder of Enya Haiming Hu. Being younger than myself, I was surprised to learn of his vast experience with instrument construction from a young age and the unique designs and techniques for guitar/uke body construction that he had already created himself and patented!


Enya and SWAMP - Delivering Value by using Smart Distribution Methods

We discovered commonalities regarding business goals that were promising - we both aim to deliver customers awesome value by delivering quality products, at the best possible price through smart distribution, while delivering great customer service. We now see Enya taking that business approach forward full stream with Enya now selling directly to customers worldwide from their own e-commerce website, with free shipping to the USA, and USD35 to Australia. We are not put off by their own competition, as we will be able to match prices but offer AU customers free and fast shipping and easy 30-day return option and local 1-year warranty.

We have also seen how popular they are already with our local Canberra showroom customers even before we listed them online with multiple units sold as impulse buys, and word spreading at a local ukulele club. Enya instruments have a place in any music store and we will be looking to spread the word and get some of our retailer customers to stock them.


Enya's Music Range in 2020

Let's have a look at some of the featured products from Enya and those that we are currently stocking.

X1 X1 HPL Guitars
The Enya X1 series is made of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) giving them the sound quality somewhere between a regular laminate and a solid wood guitar. The perfect material for a beginning guitar player who wants premium sound but within a reasonable budget.

X2 Solid Spruce
A blend of old and new technologies in producing a beautiful performance instrument. Featuring AAA European spruce top with carbon fibre polycarbonate back and sides, a pro preamp with effects, a premium gig bag, and accessories. True resonance and warmth.

X3 Carbon Fibre Guitar
The Enya X3 is a little closer to the average acoustic guitar design, but still with that unique Enya touch. The soundboard is carbon fibre and the back and sides are High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). This gives the guitar a powerful sound and yet keeps it durable. The X3 also has a radius fretboard and optional Acoustic Plus technology (more on that later)

X4 Carbon Fiber Guitar
Take one look at the Enya X4 guitar design and you will say “wow!” With a carbon fiber top, radius fretboard, and elevated neck, this is one extremely durable guitar. The carbon fiber material enhances the bass and gives it a more powerful tone. It also comes with optional AcousticPlus technology 

Nova G Series
Features carbon fibre polycarbonate neck, back and sides, an upgraded HPL top, richlite fingerboard, nubone nut and saddle, and a satin finish. Range of unique colours.


What is AcousticPlus?

Many of Enya's models have the option for an  AcousticPlus, which is a built-in actuator. This groundbreaking metal takes the string vibrations and enhances them to create chorus and reverb effects from the instrument itself, with no external effects or amplification. It's like having a small speaker with effects inside your instrument, but its a real acoustic sound produced by the metal and guitar body in unison. The player can adjust the reverb, chorus, delay, or even turn the AcosuticPlus feature on/off.

New Enya models at SWAMP - taking requests
Interested in any Enya model we are not currently stocking? We are... so more models are due in our next shipment, but we are also seeking feedback and requests from AU customers.

Bulk ​Ukulele Clubs Orders
Ukulele clubs are also welcome to approach us for bulk orders requests for >10 units, where we can offer to backorder and combine with our Enya shipments and offer discounted prices.

Try an Enya Ukulele or Guitar at our Canberra Showroom
All are welcome to visit our Canberra showroom and try an Enya instrument today or consider the piece of mind of our 30 days return policy and just try it at home. We are pretty confident you are not going to return it!

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Where Can I Get the Nova G w/AcousticPlus in the U

13 May 2021
You guys seem to have the only cogent and comprehensive listing in discussion of the Enya guitars. I've been trying to find the Enya Nova G with acoustic Plus for a friend. I can't find it anywhere in the US and it seems like online sources have dried up. Can you give me any tips or tricks or pointers. Thanks. Craig

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