Adding some percussion to your 'one man band' is easier than you though with Peterman's stomp box range. Create a 3-piece stomp-kit using the Bass, Snare and Tok stompboxes available with 1/4" and XLR output options. Get your main rhythm going with a Bass stomp, once you have mastered that add in the Snare stomp - using your heal for the bass is a good idea. Then when ready throw in the Tok (gives a sound between a woodblock and rim-shot) to extra feel. Using Peterman's 1/4" mixers you can combine the signals together for input into your amp.

Enya produce a wide range of acoustic instruments from a rich selection of interesting tone woods. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and consistency, Enya are able to deliver beautiful sounding and playing instruments at a highly competitive price point. Featuring steel string acoustic guitar, acoustic - electric guitars (with a preamp and EQ), 3/4 size guitars and 1/2 size guitars, and ukuleles, the Enya range has an instrument for beginners, travelers and professionals alike. Enya have also curated a great selection of beginner guitar packages, which include a guitar, travel case, tune, strings, lead, pick and slide. Everything you need!

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