SWAMP becomes a dealer of EC Custom Guitar Pedals

Posted: 11 January 2013

Synopsis: We at SWAMP are proud to announce we are now a proud dealer of the EC Custom shop guitar pedals. Made all completely by hand and tried and tested by the maker himself, these pedals pack all the punch and components that every guitarist needs in a pedal. <

EC Custom Shop is founded and run by professional Israeli guitarist Eldar Cohen, producing some of the most unique guitar effect pedals in the market. Each pedal is hand-crafted by Eldar himself, and each unit he makes, he also personally tests to make sure that it has 'soul'.

"after about 5 years of making pedals for all my friends in the industry and having toured with my band in Israel and Europe using my own custom pedals, i knew it wasn't going to be long until i would start a company producing high grade, hand-made guitar effect pedals." - Eldar Cohen

Producing unique takes on classic effects such as distortion, overdrive, fuzz, and sustain EC Custom pedals are sure to set you apart from the common guitarist. To match the fantastic sound coming out of these bad boys, each type of pedal has its own vivid artwork stenciled across the face plate to really give the pedal attitude.

Guitar Pedals

The Zombie guitar pedal is a distortion pedal with a very high output, making it great to use as a soloing pedal. A precise tone control allows you to tweak the sound just the way you like it, from a fat meaty distortion to a searing lead distortion. The unique gain control, unlike most other distortion pedals, gives you two just options: ZOMBIE or ZOMBIES.


The Overlord guitar pedal is a low to high overdrive guitar pedal and can be used as a stand alone pedal or as a pre-gain booster before a distortion pedal. This guitar pedal has level control, and a precise tone control able to create the lowest bass to screaming trebles, making it very versatile. The uniquely designed gain control on this overdrive gives it a wide dynamic range - use a very low gain for a subtle boost to mild distortion that kicks in when you play louder, or use a high gain overdrive crunch with more mid scooped tones for solid creamy distortion.


The Mystical sustainer is a distortion pedal with true unique design that can bring the player the possibility of a true very low to very high gain all in one pedal. The pedal was designed to answer for rhythm playing guitarists but it is way more than that. Once you turn the gain knob up you will get more tonality clarity and more gain that can hold up to a true unique sound. The pedal features Gain , Level (with alot of output) , Tone from lowing bass to screaming trebles and a fine turning for fine tuning of the trebles.


The EyeBall compressor is soft to hard compressor. This guitar pedal features overall level control, attack control and the EYE which is the sustain control. The Eyeball compressor pedal is built from the highest quality components allowing it to operate without any noise, being one of the quietest working compressors on the market.


Bass Pedals

The Angry Ape is a high-octane fuzz distortion pedal used to add an artificial tube-like quality to your guitar tone. Many of the greats use fuzz pedals, such as Jimi Hendrix, to get that down and dirty distortion for soaring lead guitar parts. Use this pedal for high energy Rock to add another level of power to your presence. Unlike most Fuzz pedals, the Angry Ape is a gate controlled Fuzz pedal. It uses a rapid repeating gate to obtain effects that most other fuzz pedals can't.


The bass overlord pedal is the twin brother of the original Overlord overdrive pedal for guitar, basically it's a modified version for the bass guitar. This bass pedal has level control, wide tone control from the lowest bass to screaming trebles making it an extremely versatile pedal. The Gain on this overdrive pedal is very dynamic due to a special design for the pedal - Gain control is from a very low gain to high gain overdrive crunch with more of a mid scoop tone.