New Home Page design launched!

Posted: 14 March 2012

Synopsis: A new home page has been created to enable customers to navigate our ever growing product range with greater ease and provide information regarding product promotions, new products and categories and back in stock items. Any feedback that can be provided

New Swamp Home Page

We have designed the new home page so customers can stay up to date with the latest news and information on our product range including promotions, specials and new additions that are constantly being added.

Featured Products - see some of our most interesting products. Products selected by us that we feel offer a great solution and amazing value.

Best Sellers - genuine website best sellers. Find out what others are buying from us.

Specials- special discounts that are unique only to the specials page. Changing often so check back regularly and your favourite item may be on special.

New Products - shows the latest products to be added to our range. Automatically updated the instant products are available on our site.

Back in Stock - items previously on 'back-order' and restocked are displayed here. Easy way to check if the item you were waiting for is back in stock.

Top Categories - our current promotional categories.

New Categories - the latest products categories to be added. Stay up to date with our expanding range.

Articles - read over some informational articles we have written explaining common questions regarding our products.

News - we are not great at blabbing on, but we will use the news section to keep our customers informed about any exciting and newsworthy developments within our business.