SWAMP Vocal Microphone Mic Stand w/ Boom

SWAMP Vocal Microphone Mic Stand w/ Boom

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Single - SWAMP vocal height tripod microphone stand, including boom. Sturdy, well made professional mic stand that can extend to a maximum height of 214cm and has a minimum height of 103cm. Used on stage and in the studio and features the standard 5/8" th


SWAMP medium-large height microphone stand, including boom. This is a sturdy, well made professional mic stand that can extend to a maximum height of 214cm (with the boom fully extended and pointing directly up), and has a minimum height of 103cm (with the boom fully lowered and pointed directly up.

Making this stand suitable for most situations, including vocals, drum overheads, micing amps and live instruments.


  • Non Slip Rubber Feet
  • Cable Clips
  • Fully adjustable base height, boom length and angle formations
  • Metal Collar
  • Shaft max height: 152cm
  • Boom max arm length: 76cm
  • Steel Tubing Construction
  • Weight: 2.5kgs
  • Bulk Buy: Single
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Economy Microphone Stand 3-Pack

By: Victor Quittner on 21 April 2023
I bought a 3-pack of these for $105 which is very good value, to replace stands loose or broken over years of use at an open-mike night. These are understandably not as rugged as the expensive ones, but perfectly adequate with reasonable handling. Take a bit of care with the tightening bolts on the various parts. These stands have proper threaded inserts in most of the metal parts rather than just tapped holes. The boom section is telescopic, which allows more of the weighted end to be positioned behind the support/swivel point and still have the microphone reach across to the vocalist.
By: Annabel on 8 August 2015
I can't work out how to adjust the size. Although, it is really great.
By: Patrick on 9 May 2015
So, you need a bunch of mic stands? Here they are. These stands are perfectly functional and great value for money. While they aren't as sturdy as those you pay big dollars for they are certainly good enough to get the job done, and at this price are almost disposable.

After the first use one of the connecters which jo

By: Sinisa Milenkovic on 22 November 2014
After the first use one of the connecters which join the legs to the base have split so now the stand is lop sided and useless. SWAMP: Apologies for the issue and thanks for the feedback. It's not a common problem for this mic stand and we will contact you directly about providing a replacement or refund. We carry spare parts for our microphone stands so we can provide parts if required. We will also investigate our current stock and follow up with the manufacturer to make improvements to that part that had problem.
By: Thomas Keyte on 25 July 2014
The stands themselves are quality and sturdy although the screws and clamps arnt the best. That being said still a great purchase as they are super cheep and fast delivery
By: Lee on 13 April 2014
I have used these stands for years in my pa and production company and they have never failed me which is extraordinary given the way they are often treated. Every bit as good or better than K & M
By: Cristian Rojas on 21 February 2014
Great quality stand. Good value for money. There are many types and brands of stands but if you are looking for something that simply does the job without losing quality, this is the stand you need.
By: Matt McGaw on 5 April 2013
The stands are great value. They are sturdy but functional, and look great too.
By: Sinisa Milenkovic on 2 April 2013
After the first use the connecters which join the legs to the base have split so now the stand is lop sided and useless. Also the main shaft doesn't fully tighten.
By: David Robson on 29 March 2013
The microphone stand is good quality and fulfils its function well.
By: Jake Morton on 29 March 2013
Buy in bulk! These stands are durable and versatile. Use them with any type of microphone! Good for getting into tight positions which is really helpful when recording drums. This is excellent value for your money. Don't buy anywhere else.
By: Brent Crowe on 29 March 2013
These stands are awesome! simple to set up, easy to hide away. There isnt much to say about stands but these are wonderful!
By: Steve Woodward ( on
Jordan, cheers for the recomendation. I have just purchased thru SWAMP online store, so keen for it to arrive. When you say heavy.. just heavy to carry around or is it quite heavy at the base also?/
By: Jordan on
I purchased this microphone stand because the price is unbeatable locally. Very very sturdy construction, easily the toughest looking and feeling mic stand I've ever used. I'm using it in a studio but it would be a fantastic live microphone, but a little on the heavy side at around 2kgs.

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