Gruv Gear

The brand Gruv Gear was born in early 2007 after the realisation that there wasn't an available cart solution for musicians carrying awkward and heavy instruments and PA speakers to make their lugging and transport to gig venues easier.  The first model was the V-Cart Solo, and had the perfect mix of foldability, maneuverability, and weight handling. 

Gruv Gear's growing line of products is now focused on revolutionising the musician and media-makers' lifestyle with innovative instruments bags and accessories.  The world famous Fret Wraps and Fump bridge-side wraps,  the wonderful, stylish GigBlade guitar, bass, and instrument bags, the Quivr drum stick bags, the Bento cases. the versatile Backpacks - whether you're a professional musician, DJ, producer, or even a filmmaker, there is a Gruv Gear product solution designed to make your life easier.