iSK SEM6 In-Ear Monitoring Headphones - RED

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Specifically designed for musicians and live performers to use as in-ear headphones. Ideal item for the budding singer or performer wishing to try out this form of monitoring.

iSK SEM6 In-Ear Monitoring Headphones
Specifically designed for musicians and live performers to use as in-ear headphones. Ideal item for the budding singer or performer wishing to try out this form of monitoring. If you have trouble hearing your vocals over the drummer's cymbals, or the guitarist's solos, then the SEM6's are a great product to try out. You will notice the difference and the freedom of not having to rely on foldback speakers to get through the show.

Quality for Personal Listening
Affordable, comfortable and stylish. These iSK SEM6 headphones are also an excellent choice for personal listening. Engineered and manufactured with quality electronics. These headphones offer great value for their price.

Sound Isolation
Utilising state of the art flexible silica gel moulds ensures a complete seal around the ear. With three different size moulds included, the SEM6 headphones are designed to ergonomically fit into any ear and reject outside noise.


  • In-Ear Monitoring
  • Headphone Case Included
  • 1/8" - 1/4" adapter included
  • Designed for music listening and live monitoring
  • Built to professional standards
  • Different size silica gel buds included for different sized ears
  • Clamp provided to keep cable out of the way


  • Loudhailer Diameter:10mm
  • Impedance:16Ω
  • Sensitivity:93±3dB
  • Frequency Response:10Hz-28kHz
  • Cable Length: ~3m
  • Plug: 3.5mm / 6.35mm gold stereo jack
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sound good cable length great

By: on 22 January 2018
These headphones sound great. The isolation you get from the "ear mold" bits that come with isn't much better than cheap buds you can get anywhere. I plan on making my own custom ear molds for them anyway. The cable length is very handy if you don't want to go wireless. The shipping was fast even with free standard shipping. It seems like a big chunk of the price is marketing/packaging though. Came in a box large enough for 10 of the handy storage pouches. I was hoping the length of the ear tubes would have been longer like the more expensive brands so It would be easier to make the diy foam ear plug buds.

Great sound, but I am not a Sound Engineer

By: on 18 August 2016
First up, I am not a Sound Engineer. I have worked with Professional Sound Engineers and would happily do cable runs, speaker stacks and other 'low-end' jobs for them, but that wizard stuff they do on the desks during live gigs? Nope. (I'm running the sound desk because there isn't anyone else to do it around here and I'm learning as I go) Desk: X32 Mics: Shure SM58s, SM57s and some Radial PRO DIs Gig: Live rock band for local artists So, these earplugs do two things for me, they block the external sound out pretty well and provide a pretty good range of signal reproduction. The bass guitar can be heard clearly and it sounds great, kick drum is the same and funnily seems to match the kick in the chest you get with a kick in the ears (physically). Lead guitar and vocals sound great too. What they don't do is block out all the sound. Okay, so the gigs are usually pretty freaking loud and for all intents and purposes, if you can feel the kick in your chest at the back of the hall, it's probably impossible to get a Cone Of Silence effect from any cans, but simply pushing the buds in your ears downwards slightly seems to almost do the trick. Putting them in your ears is a little bit of a ritual, but having used pro-earplugs for a long time, it's basically the same. Not as quick as over-ear headphones though. I will continue to use these because the sound seems to be great, the cable is bloody long and bright red, so it's easy to figure out what I have wrapped around it when tangled. There are a couple of different sized ear-buds in the box when you get them, they seem super cheap looking, but after trying them all out for fit I found the ones that suited me and then I didn't care what they looked like in a plastic bag. For the price, they suit me perfectly. Would purchase again.

Was hoping these would be ok for onstage use are t

By: on 4 August 2016
Was hoping these would be ok for onstage use are the blurb suggested.....bit of a joke, as one ear has no volume and NO bass. I've used isk products before and they've been good value for money, these totally miss the mark. SWAMP: Apologies for the issue and thanks for the feedback. It's not a common problem for this product and sounds like one of the ear pieces is faulty, and we will contact you directly about providing a replacement or refund. We will also investigate our current stock and follow up with the manufacturer to make improvements.

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