Since the beginning, the picks from the Jan Janíček manufacture have been the symbol of originality, innovation and the best quality, which has been proven by the efforts of other companies to imitate their original grip. The premium series Janicek PICKS D-GriP™ is simply the best of what you can find amongst the nylon picks around the world. These picks are pressed into a special hand-made mold, which guarantees the unique non-slip surface, which is impossible to imitate. This surface was developed over the period of several years and the special design has obtained a world-wide patent protection.

The combination of the best quality nylon material, the unique patented surface, the flawless geometry of the edges and the precision manufacturing makes their products a true Rolls Royce amongst the other picks. They offer the following types of picks: STANDARD, JAZZ A, JAZZ B, JAZZ C and BALKAN, a total of 26 different shapes and thicknesses. Everyone is sure to find what they are looking for.