SWAMP PS-1 Keyboard Damper / Sustain Pedal

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The PS-1 is a classic design of keyboard foot pedal. A Professional keyboard sustain/damper pedal built in a strong ABS housing and with a look and feel that resembles an actual acoustic piano foot pedal.

PS-1 Sustain Pedal from SWAMP
The PS-1 is a classic design of keyboard foot pedal. A Professional keyboard sustain/damper pedal built in a strong ABS housing and with a feel that resembles an acoustic piano.

Damper / Sustain Pedals
This type of pedal is used to cause the sound to ring out after a finger is lifted. It electronically emulates the pedal on an acoustic piano that holds the damper pads off the strings, so the hammered stringes will continue to ring out after the finger is lifted. This is an essential part of dynamic piano playing as well as modern electronic keyboard performance.

Versatile - for use with many brands!
The PS-1 features an in-built polarity switch to ensure compatibility with almost all brands of analog or electronic keyboards.


  • Thermoplastic ABS case with metal pedal.
  • Sustain, momentary pedal switch
  • Polarity switch
  • 2 metre cable with 1/4" plug.
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Five Stars

By: on 15 December 2017
Solid, weighty, stays put & does not slide around on the floor (my studio floor is polished wood & it sits fine). Excellent action just like a real piano pedal. Photos don't do it justice. The white plastic on the pedal clips off to reveal a very realistic chrome finished pedal. Don't waste your money like I did initially getting el cheapo light weight wannabe pedals direct from China. Swamp has nailed it once again.

Rugged and smooth

By: on 9 September 2016
Really rugged construction, smooth action, excellent price, and rapid delivery. Another great example of a Swamp product that really hits the mark. I bought 2 in one transaction for keyboards. Will likely buy more to use as switches with my Ableton controllers. The polarity switch is an excellent option to have for this purpose. Brilliant!!

By: on 1 April 2016
I think the buy price was great and the delivery was excellent. The overall experience with Swamp has been great. The products available are ok for the price range. I would like to see a little QC when buying the items as we all know everything is manufactured in China and the different grades made available leaves the market with another demographic, the enthusiast or beginner musician.

By: on 31 July 2015
Great damper pedal, especially with it's action. It has enough carry when depressed to allow for effective and accurate half-pedalling. It's polarity switch, allows for application with all the major brands of synths, workstations and keyboard controllers. It's dimensions are the same as a piano damper pedal, meaning pianists can apply their pedalling in the exact same manner as when playing a piano. The best bit? It's price!

By: on 2 January 2015
Purchased the product for my wife who had been given a 2nd hand Yamaha keyboard minus the sustain pedal.

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