MacDaddy MDN2 V2 "Numbat" Stomp Box - Natural Finish


MacDaddy MDN2 V2 "Numbat" Stomp Box - Natural Finish

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The MacDaddy MDN2 "Numbat" V2 Stomp Box is a full size stomp box made without a raised strike plate for those musicians who prefer to stand during their performance. Sounding very similar to the traditional thump of the Wombat. Hand-made in Australia.


MacDaddy MDN2 V2 "Numbat" Stomp Box - Natural Finish
The MacDaddy MDN2 "Numbat" Stomp Box is a full size stomp box made without a raised strike plate for those musicians who prefer to stand during their performance. Sounding very similar to the traditional thump of the Wombat. Choosing this stomp box will come down to a personal comfort issue and your performance style. Hand-made in Australia. New V2 version.

Stunning Grain
Each MacDaddy stomp box has it’s own unique finish. It features a beautifully grained timber, boasting enormous colour variations, and it is a fairly soft timber, which produces excellent acoustic properties. No two pieces are alike – and when you’re making hand crafted musical instruments, that’s a really good thing. Stompboxes are primarily the realm of acoustic guitarists (and acoustic guitarists love timber).

Camphor Laurel
Camphor Laurel has a unique perfume. If you’ve never cut into a piece of camphor laurel, try it – the smell is amazing. Camphor Laurel is a noxious weed in Australia. It has the ability to adapt to a disturbed environment, grows at a prolific rate and has an enormous abundance of seeds. It is  mildly toxic if eaten and therefore doesn’t have any natural predators. It is relatively immune to disease. Being a big shady tree it is difficult to remove and tends to create a single species environment because it is so dense. It is the perfect timber for MacDaddy Stomp Boxes!

History of MacDaddy
The Macdaddy story began in June 2012 when professional musician and amateur woodworker Adam Truscott, became frustrated with the stompboxes available at the time. This problem led him to designing and redesigning the pickups and trialing different body shapes until he had a product that became the MacDaddy Wombat, the staple of the range. When Adam was content with the Wombat he turned his attention to designing the other models in the range. The Platypus was the next model, a smaller foot print with the same wombat thump.

The  next challenge was to produce something unique and different sounding, leading to the development of the Kookaburra and Artist models, using tambourine jungles. Both had their own individual characteristics that were quite striking. Finally the Koala model emerged. The concept was to combine the bottom end thump of the Wombat and Platypus with the characteristics of the Artist and Kookaburra, and a double ended the heel toe action provided the answer. Rather than using two stompboxes that were EQ’d differently, the Koala has two outputs and sounds in the one pedal.

MacDaddy believe that their stompboxes are the best on the market and are awfully proud of them!


  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Made of Camphor Laurel timber
  • Great kick sound
  • New V2 version with improved transducer
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Real Good Underfoot

By: GregW on 18 June 2024
I get out with a Steel string, a Numbat and a small Vocal PA now. Its a living. So going one out, without any backing, you need a ""something"" percussive down low to match your acoustics percussiveness to get the biggest sound you can to carry your performance. I've tried a quite a few stomps, (even made my own) in attempt to get that Goldilocks "just right" kick fill. This Numbat obviously has a low pass filter built into it as 80hz is achieveable easily. Quite a few other stomps can do this, but the difference and a big considerable difference with these Numbats is how they respond in comparison to others. The forte with the Numbat is so sensitive and correct that it really becomes an extension of you, all those subtleties respond to your foot touch that sonically speaking, you can easily pocket and capture and reinforce what your delivering in the moment. The best thing, because this stomp responds so tightly well, you tend not to think about the unit,,,,,it just happens with you. Leaving you more relaxed and focussed in the your mix. 5 stars for that.,,,,and theyre warm sounding too. Real comfy.

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