New Shipments Arrived-Speaker Stands, Mic Stands, All Models Acoustic Foam

Posted: 21 November 2012

Synopsis: With our new shipment comes some of our most popular items and some brand new ones. Including the ever popular speaker and microphone stands. All sizes of the acoustic foam and a brand new fibreglass panel and reel mounted multicores.  <br />

Our popular mic stands and speaker stands are back in stock, just in time for those summer gigs. For those with home studio projects, all models of acoustic foam are available once again, not to mention our latest acoustic product; fibreglass panels.

Reel mounted multicores, designed for large venues and touring productions, have also landed. Some improvements to design have been made including stronger wheels, easy to use brake and colour coded tubing over 'fan-end' channels for improved channel identification and protection.

Again, we have been busy sourcing new products for our customers. Keep on eye on our 'new products' page to be the first to know.