SWAMP eNewsletter - March 2012

Posted: 20 March 2012

Synopsis: MARCH MAYHEM! Sale - Our March newsletter includes a 10% Store-wide Discount (expires April 1st). Also find information on our most interesting new product arrivals, including Mic Split Snakes and Corner Bass Traps.


Swamp eNewsletter - Mar 11

MARCH MAYHEM! Sale - Enter "mayhem" to enable a 10% Discount - Store-wide (expires April 1st)

New Home Page design launched!

We have designed the new home page so customers can stay up to date with the latest news and information on our product range including promotions, specials and new additions that are constantly being added. Check it out here!

Latest New Products -

Swamp 8 Channel to 16 Channel XLR Splitter Snake

Swamp's custom designed XLR Split Snake offers a simple solution for splitting balanced microphone signals on stage, allowing the stage mics signals to travel to two separate mixings desks (usually front of house and side of stage). The Split-Snake features 8 XLR(f) connectors at one end, which terminate to 2 individual 8 channel snakes, one 10m and the other 1m in length, each with 8 XLR(m) connectors.

Ground Lifters and Phantom Power
Being a passive splitter, this snake will connect the earth/ground signal between two mixing consoles. This can result in a ground loop, which will create 60Hz AC current running through your cable shields. Using a Ground Lift Adapter on each channel at 1 end of the splitter will eliminate this issue.

Was $119.99 - NOW ONLY $105.59!*
*Use coupon code: "splitmayhem" to apply a 12% Discount (expiries April 1st)


SKU: M Split-Snake 10m

Swamp TM02 Amplifier Mic'ing Clamp

This handy little device is designed to make mic'ing up an amp easy in a confined space. It attaches to the side of an guitar amp using the spring loaded clamp so it can't be over tightened, like some screw on models.

The sturdy yet flexible gooseneck design allows the user to adjust mic angle to get varying tones. Made from a durable metal alloy, this amp clamp is going to last the distance on the road. It also has rubber clamp heads to protect the amp facing from scratches during use.

Was $49.99 - NOW ONLY $43.99!*
*Use coupon code: "clampmayhem" to apply a 12% Discount (expires April 1st)


4x Swamp Bass Trap - Foam Corner Piece

Designed to maximize the effectiveness of acoustic treatment, these corner pieces fit out the corners of a studio with acoustic foam, to give ultimate treatment coverage in an acoustic space.

The corners in a loud room harbour a lot of reflective sound waves, particularly low frequency waves, so it makes sense to focus sound absorption in these areas, catching the greatest amount of unwanted sonic reflections, for the least amount of area coverage.

Was $24.99 - NOW ONLY $21.99!*
*Use coupon code: "trapmayhem" to apply a 12% Discount (expires April 1st)

SKU: 4x BTM01

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Newly Listed Products

PM05 Dynamic Vocal Mic

Round Base Mic Stand

A-B Switch + Split Guitar Pedal

1-4" Right Angle Jack Converter

Rack Unit Patch Panels

Monitor Isolation Pads

DMX Cables
3 & 5-pin

Stage Series XLR Now in Red

Recently Back in Stock

- Atlona FLAT HDMI Cable v1.3b
- Metal Frame Rack Case w/ 12RU Mixer Space
- Amplifier Monitor Foldback Stand

Due in Next Order

:Arrival in Late-April

- FL01 Acoustic Foam
- 8RU Rack Case
- Stage Series XLR Cables
- All Lengths!
- iSK BM-600 Multifunctional Condenser Mic
- iSK RM8 Studio Condenser Mic

We are more than happy to answer any products questions and offer buying assistance where possible. Please reply to this email or call us on 02 62232025.

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