Expanded Speaker and Amplifier range launched

Posted: 21 August 2014

Synopsis: Its been some time in the making, but finally SWAMP's expanded range of PA speakers and power amplifiers have landed. Including a greater range of powered speaker boxes, as well as a range of high power, professional passive speaker and matching power amp

We have given careful considering to our selection of speakers, ensuring our each model delivers a quality sound considering the given print point. We have had samples of the new passive speaker and amp range (TF, BT, PS) with us and used within our Canberra PA hire business over the past 18 months with excellent results and zero reliability issues or maintenance requirements. With this outstanding outcome we are pleased to release this line of high power, professional quality passive speakers and power amps.


Following the success of our PAJ12 12" powered speaker, we have now included a 10" and 15" version into the range, with the new models still maintaining the bi-amped configuration which ensure excellent volume at the rated power level.


Over the coming weeks expect to see a wider range of PA system packages listed on the website. Some of the new packages will be for larger PA systems and include larger mixing desks and external power amplifiers. Also on the horizon are DSP speaker processors, that we will feature in packages with the TF model loudspeakers.


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