Enya AcousticPlus - Actuator for Acoustic Guitar Effects without Amplifier

Posted: 30 September 2021

Synopsis: Enya AcousticPlus® system allows players to add sound effects from the instrument itself, with no external devices needed.  Each Enya AcousticPlus® instrument has a built-in actuator. This groundbreaking technology takes the string vibrations and enhances

What is AcousticPlus?

Leading and continuing a new innovation for guitarists and ukulele players, the Enya AcousticPlus® system allows you to enjoy built-in effects like chorus and reverb from the instrument itself, without external amps or devices needed. Each Enya AcousticPlus® instrument has a built-in actuator. This groundbreaking device is mounted inside the instruments' body, transfers and enhances the string vibrations, processes and subtlety apmlifies them throughout the body, providing a simple but effective way to process the natural sound. Fantastic way to be inspired, and enhance performances and jams with reflections of reverb, chorus and delays.


AcousticPlus® vs Acoustic-Electric

The patented AcousticPlus® system covers all the features of an acoustic-electric instrument including being able to plug into an amplifier or other external devices. The same knobs control the output effects. You can use the effects if you choose to or not. The instruments' clean signal is clear and punchy. With the built-in effects, it adds another dimension!

Easy to use

This innovative, but simple technology is mounted inside the instrument body. The AcousticPlus® sound-enhancing effects are easy to be turned on or off. All the sound-enhancing effects are controlled with very simple and discreet knobs, giving players total control to adjust the reverb, chorus, and delay effects, with or without plugging into an amp. You can create a true 'acoustic' sound, mixed with the normal sound of the guitar. Inspiring.

Available on Guitars and Ukuleles

Enya AcousticPlus® technology is available on selected ukulele and guitar models. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced, the AcousticPlus® will help you create a unique and fun playing experience, with inspiration and innovation!

Available Models with AcousticPlus®:

How it sounds?

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