Beta Aivin Vintage Style Acoustic Guitar Amplifier - Mic Input - 30W

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Beta Aivin have designed this acoustic guitar amp to be hugely functional while maintaining a compact, portable size. Whether a seasoned busker, or a novice just practicing at home, this amp will perform well in either situation.

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Beta Aivin WOOD30 30 Watt Acoustic Guitar and Microphone Amp

Versatility and Portability
Beta Aivin have designed this acoustic guitar amp to be hugely functional while maintaining a compact, portable size. Whether a seasoned busker, or a novice just practicing at home, this amp will perform well in either situation. With a vintage look and compact housing, this amp could be your new best travel companion.

Dedicated Microphone Channel with EQ + Effects
An entire channel, complete with gain, EQ and output volume is dedicated solely to the use of a dynamic microphone. A combo jack allows for both XLR or 1/4" input jack from the mic, so whether using a pro-audio dynamic mic (XLR) or a common Karaoke mic (1/4" TS), you'll be able to jack in to this amp to get your voice heard.

Designed for Acoustic Guitar
Most guitar amps are designed for electric guitar. They have a certain grunt and tonality that complements the mellow tones of an electric guitar. In this amp, however, the gain setting, EQ controls, and overall tone are all set up for an acoustic steel string guitar, to deliver a smooth and crystal clear sound. Not only will it sound great with an acoustic, but the 3 band EQ with sweepable mid frequency control allows you to customize your sound beyond what most amps of this type offer.

Onboard Effects
The amp includes a 4-effect built in effects unit giving the option of chorus, flanger, delay or reverb, to give your sound that extra edge. Each effect has a range of intensity to suit your needs. As if the in built effects wasn't enough, the effects unit is routed to the guitar channel and microphone channel separately, so you can adjust the level of the effect in each channel independently.

Got Your Own Lovingly Crafted Effects Setup Already?
Easily sorted. The effects send an return allows you to patch your own carefully crafted effects loop into the mix. Note that the effects send and return applies to both channels simultaneously and can't be selected as one or the other.

Auxiliary Input for Backing Tracks
A dual RCA auxiliary input allows you to plug in an iPhone or mp3 player to use as a backing track. An independent volume control for this input makes it easy to get the right mix between performance and backing, whatever the situation.

Built in Pitch Pipe
An interesting feature is the built in pitch pipe, which will sound out a high 'A' note (A5) when the tuner button is pressed. This can be used to aid the tuning of a guitar by locating the pitch of your 2nd string (A string) and tuning the rest of your strings off this. It could also help to find your pitch whilst singing, depending on the key of the song.

Tilt Back for Clearer Sound - On Stage or at Home
The angled in back panel with feet are designed so that the amp can be tilted back on a 45 degree angle. This allows the amp to be used as a foldback wedge for on stage sound, or just to give a clearer sound when practicing at home by facing the speaker directly at you.

Perfect for the Singer/Songwriter
With the guitar input designed specifically for acoustic guitar, and a separate dedicated channel for microphone, it's easy to see why this amp is a great choice for the acoustic singer/songwriter looking to add a bit more volume to their sound. The amp will replicate your acoustic sound accurately, and with 30W of power behind you, will easily project your songs out into the world for all to hear.

Just Practicing?
No problem, the built in headphone output feeds directly from the main output so you can practice to yourself while still being able to test out different onboard effects.


  • Dedicated Microphone Input
  • Designed For Acoustic Guitar
  • Auxiliary input with Level Control
  • Separate 3-band EQ on Ch1 and Ch2 (sweepable mids on CH1)
  • Onboard Effects for Each Channel (Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Reverb)
  • Effects Send/Return
  • Preamp Output
  • Headphone Output
  • Compact and Portable
  • Vintage Look


  • Model: WOOD 30
  • Output Power: 30W RMS
  • Speaker: 8" Woofer/Tweeter
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
    • CH1 470K?,
    • CH2: 20mV/660?
  • Input Connections:
    • 1/4" 6.35mm Guitar Jack
    • XLR/TRS Microphone Jack
    • Dual RCA Auxiliary In
    • 1/4" 6.35mm Effects Return
  • Output Connections:
    • 1/4" 6.35mm Effects Send
    • 1/4" 6.35, Stereo Headphone Out
    • Dual RCA Preamp Out
  • Power Input: 240V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH)mm 320x230x315mm
  • Packing size(WxDxH)mm 365x305x393mm
  • Net Weight 7.8Kg
  • Gross Weight 8.6Kg

Custom Label: 11048

SKU: 11048

Shipping Weight: 0.0000