SWAMP's 2012 Open Day - Sat 15th Dec - Showroom launch

Posted: 12 December 2012

Synopsis: We're going retail for one day! With an open day this Saturday celebrating the launch of our new Canberra showroom. Showcasing the best of our product range in a new interactive showroom setup, as well additional product displays and a PA set up with live

@ 51 Wollongong St, Fyshwick, ACT, 2609

Its true that our retail presence is here on the web, and our customer service team is ready to serve everyone of you in Australia, and in fact the world. However this coming Saturday we are opening up our Canberra warehouse to the public and launching our new interactive product showroom. Its a chance for us to put down the phones, relax from the keyboard and explain and demonstrate products face to face with our local customers.

The new 'Interactive' showroom
Its true, that you don't really know how good it sounds, until you hear it. Its a snag of selling musical equipment online and we appreciate the trust of our customers to deliver quality products, that sound good! But with the launch of our new showroom, and a setup aimed to be interactive and interconnected, visitors can not only browse, but use, hear and feel our products and their performance. Even come in and record a acoustic song or vocal track, its all here ready to go, even one of our new electronic drum kits!

What time? 9am to 4pm - 12noon free BBQ
There will be a large PA set up, showcasing and demonstrating some of the best speakers and amps from the Speaker brand DE Acoustics, and SWAMP stage accessories. Live music from some local Canberra music talent and even swamp team members from 11am until 2pm, and yep free BBQ starting at 12.

Anything for Christmas?
Sure we do. If buying for youngsters just starting out with either guitar of singing, we have plenty of packages deals for all-in-one ease and savings! We have amp and mic packages, guitar accessory stocking fillers and a superb price on our popular home recording package. Those buying for yourself can find a healthy range of products and discounts on our specials page, running until Christmas Eve.

Not able to make it?
Its been great to see so many interstate customers dropping in for pick ups and purchases on their way through, and in fact some coming down to save on postage and for a tour of Canberra! Though its a busy time of year and I am sure we will not see too many of your faces on Saturday. Unfortunately the 10% discount on the day will not be available on the website, though the hint is going out to join our main newsletter for a boxing day edition with some healthy specials for you all ;-)

Stay tuned for some photos and videos from the day, and its our hope to deliver some of the showroom experience to our customers on the web, through more and more product video / audio demonstrations and setup explanations.

Hope to see you on Saturday,
Tom Graham