• Radial SW8-USB Auto-Switcher and USB interface

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    The Radial SW8-USB is a dual USB Interface and auto-switcher with 24-bit/192kHz converters that allows you to connect to your primary and backup computers, providing eight channels of high-quality audio. If you use computers for playback, this is a must.

    The Radial SW8-USB is a dual USB Interface and auto-switcher with 24-bit/192kHz converters that allows you to connect to your primary and backup computers, providing eight channels of high-quality audio. If you use computers for playback, this is a must.

    Professional Connections
    The SW8-USB is the complete solution for performances that utilise redundant playback systems for backing tracks, combining two built-in high-performance USB interfaces with an auto-switching feature that detects dropouts and effortlessly switches to the backup computer in an instant. Dual USB inputs with separate 24bit/192kHz converters allow two computers to be connected in tandem, so digital workstations on both machines can connect to the SW8-USB as an audio and MIDI interface. Start/stop synchronisation is also possible between both computers through MTC, ensuring flawless switching between playback rigs with less equipment than ever. 

    Connecting Redundant Playback Computers
    The SW8-USB connects directly to your primary and backup computers over USB, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive audio interfaces. Connect the balanced analog outputs to the PA system and engage the auto-switch mode to instantly switch to the backup system should an error occur. An optional JR-2 footswitch can be employed to manually switch between the inputs or put the SW8-USB into standby mode between songs.

    Link Multiple Devices for Up to 24 Channels of Playback
    Up to three SW8-USB units can be connected at the same time, providing 24 channels of redundant playback for larger setups. Connect each SW8-USB directly to your primary and backup computers, and link all three with TRS cables so they switch over simultaneously.

    Link Multiple Sw8-Usb Through a Thunderbolt Hub
    SW8-USB units can be linked for up to 24 channels of playback tracks. To accomplish this with only a single connection to each computer, connect all three SW8-USB units to a Thunderbolt-equipped hub to provide a suitable transfer speed for all three units to operate simultaneously.


    • Switch between redundant playback systems
    • Two USB inputs eliminate the need for additional audio interfaces
    • Manual or seamless automatic switching
    • Line-level or transformer-isolated mic level outputs
    • Synchronize both playback systems using MTC
    • PSU A/B - dual green LEDs indicate that the SW8-USB is receiving power from each power supply. Only one connection is required to power the SW8-USB, the other is provided for redundancy to eliminate loss of power
    • Mic/Line - determines whether the front panel XLRs are mic-level or line-level outputs. When set to the mic (out position), the XLR outputs are also transformer isolated to reduce noise from ground loops
    • Auto determines whether the SWB-USB switching is controlled by the user or set to Auto-switch mode where the SW8-USB will automatically select the B inputs should a fault be detected on the A-side
    • Dual green LEDs illuminate to indicate that the SW8-USB is receiving MTC or tone via SPDIF - depending on the Auto-switch input setting on the rear panel of the SW8-USB
    • Mutes the analog output of the SW8 USB. This will silence the XLR output but the signal will still pass through the DB25 and TRS outputs on the rear panel
    • The switch allows the SW8-USB to hold on input A when in Auto-switch mode, regardless of whether MTC or tone via SPDIF is being received. This feature can also be activated remotely using the optional JR-2 footswitch
    • The latching switch allows you to select the active USB inputs. This switch is deactivated when the SW8-USB is in Auto-switch mode
    • A momentary switch is used after a fault is detected, allowing the SW8-USB to switch back to the A inputs
    • Flashing red LED indicator illuminates when a fault is detected on the A playback computer, showing that the SW8-USB is now playing back from the B computer.
    • Analog outputs operate at mic or line level depending on the setting of the MIC/LINE switch
    • Lifts pin01 on the XLR  output to help eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops


    • Transformer: Eclipse ET-DB2
    • Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz (+0.0dB/-0.5dB)
    • Dynamic range: (XLR Outputs) 120dB (Monitor Outputs) 120dB
    • Total harmonic distortion: (XLR Line Level Outputs) 0.006% @ 1Khz +18dBu (XLR Mic Level Outputs) 0.009% @ 1Khz +18dBu (Monitor Outputs) 0.006% @ +18dBu
    • Intermodulation Distortion: (XLR Outputs) 0.0002% @ +18dBu (Monitor Outputs) 0.0002% @ +18dBu
    • Output Impedance: (XLR Outputs) 150 Ohms (Monitor Outputs) 150 Ohms
    • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: (XLR Line Level Outputs) -98dB (XLR Mic Level Outputs) -90dB (Monitor Outputs) -98dB
    • Noise: (XLR Outputs) -120dB (Monitor Outputs) -120dB
    • Noise: (Monitor Outputs) -120dB
    • Noise: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
    • Maximum Output: (XLR Outputs) +18dBu @ 0DBFS (Monitor Outputs) +18dBu @ 0DBFS
    • Ground lift, Remote Footswitch:
    • Input Connectors: 2 x Type-B USB 2.0
    • Output Connectors: XLR-F, TRS, DB25
    • Extras: MIDI I/O, Dual Power Supply, Remote Footswitch (optional)
    • Power: 100V to 240V, locking 4-pin XLR
    • Dimensions: L44.5cm x W15.25cm x H4.5cm
    • Weight: 4.2kg
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