New SWAMP SU600 USB Microphone Wows Critics


Synopsis: The newly released SWAMP SU600 USB Microphone has started to receive overwhelming reports from our customers and reviewers. Here's an initial review from the first customer who has tested it thoroughly in the field and and the science lab!

SWAMP SU600 USB Microphone 

ComputerTalk "Best Product of the Year" 

It does not happen very often that a company distributes an item that is not only excellent but also fulfils the necessity to be reasonably priced and of durable quality. SWAMP Industries wonderfully supplies products of very good value for a price that everybody can afford.

Recently, in the showroom of SWAMP Industries, I came across a microphone that caught my eye with its superb design and the intrinsic blue haze it emits. I found out that this microphone is actually a USB microphone and therefore can be used with various DAWS such as Studio One, Cubase, and Adobe Audition for the professional music editor requiring flexibility and editing facilities whilst for the layman using the microphone for daily recordings for YouTube and Skype.

Being involved in broadcasting and recording production for over 55 years,
I have a broad spectrum of the range and applications of microphones from
brands such as Sennheiser, Rode, Sony, and Neumann, to name only a few of them.
Some microphones I use are priced between $400 for a Rode and $16,000 for a
Neumann. The question is does anybody really need such pricey products or are 
here some very good products out for a reasonable price with excellent performance.

I purchased the SU600 with a little bit of scepticism as often good looks deceive.
However, I gave it a fair chance and used it for my daily overseas television program
with broadcasting engineers and co- hosts of the program. I asked my professional
colleagues, based overseas,  whether they had heard anything different in my general
sound performance on the program. Some said yes, others said that there was not much
difference. The consensus from those overseas based colleagues was that there was an
improvement in presence and dynamics in the sound quality. I told them that the
microphone I am using is the SU600 from SWAMP Industries and not the usual expensive
microphone I generally used. They were incredibly surprised when I named the remarkable 
price of $99.99, and then when I showed off the fabulous blue glow in the dark, the next
question was "where can I order this microphone". I told them!.


Review by Prof. Gordon Land

Item includes:
SWAMP SU600 USB Microphone 
Desktop Tripod Stand
Shockmount (5/8" thread)
Thread Holder

Silicone shielded special USB cable (transparent smoke colour) - 3m

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