Record on your iPad with a USB Mic or Audio Interface

Posted: 30 August 2015
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Synopsis: Introducing our own camera connection kit. The SWAMP-CCK can turn your ipad into an all in one, portable recording studio. Paired with a USB Microphone or audio interface you can record track after track anywhere you take your iPad. Paired with the SWAMP

The SWAMP-CCK plugs into your iPad's Lightning input and allows you to plug in a microphone or audio interface via USB. Paired with the SWAMP X-USB audio interface and any microphone you can record a track straight into any recording App on your iPad, then listen back using headphones and record a second track over the top. The X-USB also provides 48v phantom power for your condenser microphone.

The SWAMP Camera Connection Kit will work will almost any USB mic or audio interface.
Here is a list of compatible USB microphones and audio interfaces available from our store:

- SWAMP X-USB - audio interface
- ART-USBDUALPre - audio interface, dual channel
- iSK UC100 - audio interface
- Blue Microphones 'ICICLE' - audio interface
- SWAMP D-USB - USB microphone
- iSK CRU-1 - USB Microphone
- Alctron UM100 - USB Microphone
- Blue Microphones 'YETI' - USB Microphone
- Blue Microphones 'Snowball' - USB Microphone

With the latest iPad', iPad 4 and later that use the lightning connector, we are seeing more and more compatible audio interfaces and USB Microphones, however some require more power than the iPad can provide and so will not work. For example, the 'Radial - USB Pro' is not compatible and will show an error message when connected.

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